Monday, 18 June 2012

Superfuzz v England

8th June - 40 th Birthday party for Chistine and Wedding in rainy old Hazelwood.

Off to Rotherham on a Friday for a 40th birthday party  , when England are playing ? There's surely only one winner. But hold on, the good folk of Rotherham like their footy but they also like a good shindig , so although numbers were a little down first set everyone joined in for the second.We had a great time . Our hosts were too kind bringing forth beer and buffet , so we played until the cows came home and the children had collapse through exhaustion. A rousing rendition of happy birthday finished off a happy night.

9th june Wedding Hazelwood near Duffield

My word, the weather was atrocious , the guests were battling with monsoon flooding on a biblical scale. The spirits were however not dimmed as guests danced and bopped all night long . We must have been on the ball as we gave out plenty of business cards and enjoyed kind words.
Highlight of the night was a young slip of a thing jumping on stage and distracting Archibald with her womanly charms during Stand By Me .
For your information - we ve put him on a course of bromide and should make a full recovery.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wedding - 2nd june 2012 ,Blackbrook House,Belper, Derbyshire

Blackbrook House is a beautiful country house situated just outside Belper.The weather was somewhat unkind for this Jubilee weekend wedding. Paul and Martin played an acoustic greeting for the wedding guests as they entered the wedding room,which went very well.

Two half an hour sets were planned for the afternoons entertainment , but events contrived to scupper this. Photography over ran , dinner over ran , speeches over ran , everything over ran , so we eventually started at 8.30pm . What a great time though , everyone danced and enjoyed themselves and our bride even sang Mustang Sally with the band taking lead vocals to everyone's delight!

Sulgrave Manor Jubilee Celebration 4 th June 2012

If you are travelling through Oxfordshire and happen across the tiny village of Sulgrave, don't hesitate pulling up to the Star Inn for a few drinks. Because there you can be assured of the warmest of welcomes. The locals are the friendliest , kind people you could wish to meet.

Setting up in the Manor hall and playing to these gentle country Bumpkins was a real privilege. They bopped all night and treated us absolutely brilliantly. The loyal toast was perhaps not quite as well observed as it might have been, playing second fiddle to the roast beast being served ,but I'm sure her majesty would have understood. 

One interesting fact was bestowed upon us :- did you know the only people allowed to sit down during a loyal toast are naval officers.This was so they didn't hit their heads on the decks above.This dates back to the reign of King Charles II who whilst on board the Royal Charles bumped his royal bonce whilst replying to the toast. Ouch ! 

Anyway three cheers for the Queen , and well done to Clive who was cajoled into playing drums by his daughter and wife and did a thoroughly good job.

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