Monday, 5 December 2011

Makeney Hall Derbyshire

3rd December 2011
Wow what a party!Ian and Charlotte were very lucky with the weather and very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. This party was possibly the best of the year as everyone was up for a great time. They danced from the first song to the last and would have kept going until the cows came home given half a chance.My little arms were exhausted , I felt like I'd been stretched on the rack.

This wedding was organised by Tillyboo., a Nottingham wedding organiser who we can highly recommend. Sarah ran the event with Military precision and is a thoroughly lovely girl to boot.

A word about the dj who had some fascinating stories about Ghosts. I've got a few skeletons in my cupboard and I'm haunted by 3 ghost every Christmas eve , so we hit it off straight away. Mr dj has his own TV series next year on ghost hunting so watch out David Ancorah , there's a new kid on the block !

The great flood :- Priest house Castle Donnington

Derbyshire wedding band Superfuzz performed at the Priesthouse on Wedding 26th November 2011

Beautiful venue for a wedding and everything went swimmingly, literally.
A tap in the bedroom above the stage decided to drip, then to run and then to gush 20 mins before we were due to go on. Help !!! Returning to the stage to play , I discovered all my drums were soaking and our amps were wet too. Danger, danger ,danger!

Paul and Martin did stress a little over their vintage 60's Marshall tops which looked ruined , but after 20 mins of frantic drying and wiping we eventually managed to play. I must say we have never been as stressed on a gig and was very relieved when things got going again. The groom and guest were very understanding and I know they enjoyed themselves in the end.

Just a word about the management , they were professional and calm in the face of such tribulation and deserve a medal for getting things back on course in such a short time.