Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Here comes the rain again

June 30th Norwood Park Wedding

Oh dear the Gods conspired against our Bride and groom for this wedding . A bereavement on the day of the wedding is hard to take but it also rained all night long ; which was a bit of a dampener as we were playing outside on the patio. The air was decidedly cool to say the least.We did our best and managed to coax a few onto the dance floor.  Sometimes things don't go right and we have to just shake our tail feathers and carry on.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hob nobbing with the stars

Sunday 25 th November 2012
Priesthouse Castle Donnington  Dugald Bruce Lockhart, Penny Rawlins

Superfuzz hob nobbing with the Stars !

Superfuzz were surprised to be greeted with a room full of actors and actresses for this little shindig in South Derbyshire including the wonderful Greta Scacchi no less.
Despite biblical flooding and a Sunday booking this party went off very well . When we arrived the water was already 2 ft deep in the car park and when we left there were waves lapping the front steps.
But what a treat to meet such an illustrious star in Greta who posed for a photograph with no objection and was absolutely gorgeous.
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Friday, 23 November 2012

Market research paper - What make us Brits dance ?

After many a beer drinking mission to Benidorm over the last few years, I have come to some rather interesting conclusions regarding the British taste in party music. Benidorm is full of us Brits on the lash and is full of live bands entertaining them. It is a pretty good barometer of public taste regarding parties / having a jolly good time. Let me take you there for enlightenment.

You probably think of Benidorm as the "Costa del Punch Up",  full of hen and stag dos ,and to a certain extent you would be right . But I think its smashing , because everyone is in such a good mood. Its cheap as chips, 1 euro a pint, breakfast for 3 euros and all the punch up merchants are so high on cheap wacky backy, they just want to give you a hug.

Anyway to the question in hand , what makes Brits bop and jump about
Well, firstly, everyone loves Elvis . The Benidorm Elvis tribute working out of the Rock n Roll bar is absolutely brilliant,the whole place rocks when he starts to sing and  wiggle his snake hips. I would totally recommend a bit of Elvis in ones setlist.
Elvis is timeless , his songs are so cool , people cannot resist bopping around to that rock n roll shuffle. (One thing puzzled me though , seemingly rational women would queue up to show him their bosoms , perhaps someone could enlighten me) ?

If you want a country vibe try the Western Saloon on the main strip.There you will find a duo playing everything from Jon Denver to the Killers . Tunes that hit the spot in this particular funnery are Human, Sex on Fire, Five hundred miles, Games people play and Country Roads . These generate a thronging, singing , songing , if you get my drift. Check these Cabeytu brothers , they are very popular in Benidorm  and have their set list finely tuned.


As you work your way down the strip ,you will undoubtedly happen upon the Carnaby St boys in one of the bars and you will note everyone is having a fantastic time. The jam , Small faces , Madness and Specials are all in their set and you will see that not only is everyone dancing , they also know all the words ! So one can surmise we can include a few 'Chicken dancing' mod songs into our wedding set with no fear of disappointment. Hoorah 

So then as we traverse further into the Benidorm heart we come across more and more disco bars playing  tub thumping Trance and Techno , which isn't really fodder for you average wedding band. But anyway I can summarise as follows , British people love
Elvis , Kings of Leon , Killers, Beatles , the Jam an al , John Denver and his Country Roads ,  The Proclaimers , the Monkeys , Chuckles Berry and to round things off a nicely, a bit of Bon Jovi ,by jovi , which you will be relieved to know ,pretty much sums up the Superfuzz setlist , check it out here . We ve got the bases covered and as you can tell is meticulously researched and is updated regularly  Think I might just have to pop off down there to do more investigation , strictly work of course .

Off to Priest House Castle Donnington on Sunday for a wedding .Last time we played there , someone left a tap running upstairs which soaked all our pa, nearly electrocuting the whole band . Think I will wear my rubber wellies just in case.Nice venue though.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lanzarote leaves a rudderless ship " Harumph"

So, I've left Paul the task of dealing with our enquiries for a week whilst I take a well earned break in the land of volcanoes and stray cats .Here's me by the pool-

But what is this on my blackberry on day 2 - an unanswered enquiry from our agent ???
 Blimey oh Reilly ! I text her and ask , "have you heard from Paul , my trusty deputy ? To which she replies "unfortunately not , not heard a thing".  Harumpf , harumpf harumph Ohhh dear , dear , dear !

One can surmise- that some tasks are just too much for some people. You see , we drummers are invariably the cement holding the bricks together,the engine room , the steady hand on the tiller, the glue , the heartbeat ( you get my drift) . The Band may scoff with their drummer jokes and constant jibes , but I know that in most bands the most organised and conscientious person in the band is the drummer , ~like me !
Singers with their enormous egos are obviously too cool to do the donkey work and guitar players just want to salivate over guitar pictures all day. No if you want something doing, or talk to a friendly face at a performance , seek out the drummer.I can be reached here

By the way , if you are thinking about Lanzarote for a holiday , I would say the place resembles a nuclear test site. Imagine a piece of toast that's been left in the grill for an hour .

 And it rained and the only live music on offer was a rather out of tune Brazilian plumber trying to sing Lionel Ritchie , and" hello it wasn't you I was looking for !See below

Thanks to Martin Keyboards  for his years holiday tip by the way!  

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blaze take the stage

Wedding-Matt and Emma
Warrington Cricket Pavillion Cheshire  2012

Working for different agents can be a real headache . They stipulate we use different band names to avoid conflicts of interest . Some weeks we are Superfuzz , sometimes Junction 26 , sometimes The Revivals  , it's all very confusing. Other names include Juke Box,Jeepster and The Fuzz.

On Saturday we were Blaze performing for "Live Music Management" . When introducing Saturdays show I had one of my senior moments  ." Hi Ladies and Gentleman , welcome to the show, we are Superfuzz ,err junction 26 errrr no, its errrr , its errr ,oh yeah Blaze !
Good grief I sounded like a blithering idiot. Everyone looked at me gone out , "they don't even know who they are", everyone must have been thinking.
So this week I'm working on my elocution, "Peter Piper picked a pickled pepper" , for starters and I'm going to write down who we are , who I am and what I am supposed to be doing , ah yes,drumming, that's right.

Anyway they all danced through the night and even had a 'dance off 'at one point with everyone taking it in turns to jump around like leaping salmon , jolly good show!

The video below was shot at this wedding , everyone seems very happy . Again sound couldn't be used as the cameras on board mic picked up too much bass.