Monday, 5 December 2011

Makeney Hall Derbyshire

3rd December 2011
Wow what a party!Ian and Charlotte were very lucky with the weather and very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. This party was possibly the best of the year as everyone was up for a great time. They danced from the first song to the last and would have kept going until the cows came home given half a chance.My little arms were exhausted , I felt like I'd been stretched on the rack.

This wedding was organised by Tillyboo., a Nottingham wedding organiser who we can highly recommend. Sarah ran the event with Military precision and is a thoroughly lovely girl to boot.

A word about the dj who had some fascinating stories about Ghosts. I've got a few skeletons in my cupboard and I'm haunted by 3 ghost every Christmas eve , so we hit it off straight away. Mr dj has his own TV series next year on ghost hunting so watch out David Ancorah , there's a new kid on the block !

The great flood :- Priest house Castle Donnington

Derbyshire wedding band Superfuzz performed at the Priesthouse on Wedding 26th November 2011

Beautiful venue for a wedding and everything went swimmingly, literally.
A tap in the bedroom above the stage decided to drip, then to run and then to gush 20 mins before we were due to go on. Help !!! Returning to the stage to play , I discovered all my drums were soaking and our amps were wet too. Danger, danger ,danger!

Paul and Martin did stress a little over their vintage 60's Marshall tops which looked ruined , but after 20 mins of frantic drying and wiping we eventually managed to play. I must say we have never been as stressed on a gig and was very relieved when things got going again. The groom and guest were very understanding and I know they enjoyed themselves in the end.

Just a word about the management , they were professional and calm in the face of such tribulation and deserve a medal for getting things back on course in such a short time.


Monday, 14 November 2011

Outplayed by a 3 year old

12 th November 2011
40th Birthday Party
The Winery Burton upon trent

Hob nobing in a Winery , how very posh.
Our host was a very popular chap with hundreds of friends.
Everyone bopped all night and we even got a tip, Hoorah!
Highlighted by a 3 year old showing me how to play Seven Nation Army, mum and dad loved it. Upstaged again.I wonder what he wants for Christmas hmm?

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Monday, 31 October 2011

N dubz party night

Joanne and jamie wedding 29th October 2011
Worsley Park Marriott Hotel Manchester

Lovely joyous wedding for Jamie and Joanne, we all had a ball.
All the shenanigans began subsequently, read em and weep as Meat Loaf once said.-

Firstly, Mr Satnav had a bit of a nightmare sending us to the back end of our travelodge as per postcode which had no entrance meaning another 20 min trek.  Secondly , we had N'bubz staying in the adjoining rooms at the Travelodge who decided to party in the corridor at 3am .
Day were speakin der lingo for wot seemed 2 hours man.
Paul finally snapped and told them in  polite terms to shut the f£"%£$%$ up and peace finally returned .I thought he was very brave and fully expected them to beat him to death.

Thirdly,the Satnav took us back through the peak district ,although lovely scenery we got stuck for an hour at Buxton for roadworks ,arghhhhhhhh. Back home for 1 pm. Phew !

Be warned people , Travelodges have no security and no phones in the rooms so if there is any trouble , you are on your own. Go for Premier Inns and have a good nights sleep !!

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bank holidays and drummer jokes , ahh the memories !

Its the annual August bank holiday marathon , the time when I say bye to the wife and kids for the weekend and play some killer tunes to unsuspecting party goers. The whole thing can be very exhausting especially for drummers who are the hardest working members of any band .Can you imagine my little arms come Tuesday morning , they felt like they'd been stretched on the rack, my knuckles are dragging on the ground. I felt like king Kong with a head ache and probably smelt like him too !

On the road, guys in the band went through their considerable back catalogue of drummer jokes again, which I fully appreciate , here's the best-

What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? A drummer 
How can you tell a drummer's at the door? The knocking speeds up. 
What do you call a drummer that breaks up with his girlfriend? Homeless. 
What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? A drummer

Anyway for anybody who thinks drumming is easy check this out !

 the gigs
19th August Manpals 50th Bar 5 Derby
We don't tend to play locally ,so were pleased to receive this booking from an lovely chap called Manpal .Our hosts were very generous and looked after everyone superbly. I thought they might object to our song-list as there is a severe lack of Bangra ,but to my surprise they all enjoyed themselves immensely. Hoorah !

21st Aug Melbourne House
So nice of Robbie Savage to turn up to Anna's wedding at least we thought it was Robbie Savage? Anyway when we arrived we were told the neighbours had been on the dog and bone to complain about the noise on Saturday nights. Apparently they had been stood on the other side of the fence with a decibel metre. Now I lead quite a boring life but even I've got better things to do on Saturday nights than stand in my garden waving things around. Anyway we kept the volume down and I think everyone was happy .

21st August 2010 Morley Haze wedding
Now golf clubs tend to fill me with dread , the rooms are usually very mod , heavily carpeted etc . Not good for live music at all . To my surprise Morley Haze was very good though . A nice wooden floor and a buffet to die for . Anyway proceedings went well despite lots of children running around. Sunday weddings are always subdued as everyone has to get up for work on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hinchingbrooke House wedding

13th aug Hinchingbrooke house
What a beautiful venue for this wedding. Nice big room with a wooden floor , perfect for a live band. Our clients were perfect hosts ,treating us to food and drinks .They offered kind words at the end and we wish them well. On the way down we listened to the whole Deep Purple box set again, which included some Rainbow songs.I still can't believe Ronnie James Dio has left us . In my eyes the best ever , You could argue Paul Stanley from Kiss , Axl Rose, Robert Plant, Ian Gillan to name a few , but for pure power and range the little man was top dog for me. He is even credited with inventing the Devil Horn hand shape which has become standard for all Heavy metal lead singers. Never forgotten RJD RIP.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Brize Norton Party Band

Just catching up on things . Twelve gigs in August was just amazing. Here are notes from the 11th----- Another gig for our troops, this time at at RAF Brize Norton. We were greeted by some very friendly squadies who showed us to our stage. Given the enormous room size it was obviously time for the "Wharfedales" , the Superfuzz back up speakers .They were recently on tour with Motorhead ! They weigh a tonne and once hooked up have the power make your ears bleed ( if needs be). Anyway our guests were in a great mood, they danced , bopped , hopped and jumped around all night long. Its amazing how drunk you can get on two pints of John Smiths bitter ???? Proceedings were interrupted for a while so that medical administrations could take place- but otherwise , what a hoot !!!!! Thanks chaps and chocs away old beanz

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Clearwell castle ,Bride of the year!

Tom and Joanne wedding Clearwell Castle , Forest of Dean 30th July 2011
What a fantastic setting for a perfect wedding . We love it when everyone enjoys themselves and this wedding certainly rocked .Joanne's dad got up and sang wonderful tonight which rounded off a perfect gig . Great acoustics and lovely people . Joanne also had her wish come true , getting in the back of the Superfuzz van ! Very strange request I thought but hey - whatever floats your boat?

According to Nigel the Dj the Castle has been used by Led Zepplin ,Deep Purple and the Sweet because of its fabulous acoustics. Now I'm a massive Purple fan and to think we played on the same hallow ground where these gods of rock recorded "Burn" one of their classic albumns , is just awesome !

Monday, 8 August 2011

Park Farm House Castle Donnington

Olly and Vicky's Wedding 29th July 2011
Park Farm house ,Castle Donnington

The dreaded sound inhibitors struck again argghhhhhhhhhhhhh.
This venue was absolutely perfect for live music , great stage , great lighting , acoustic to die for , just too good to be true and guess what ?It was !
Above the stage was a sound inhibitor which cut all power when a peak level was reached . This happened 3 times in the first set when Paul played high notes on his guitar.

Completely spoiled the gig . I felt so sorry for the couple. I had to run to the bar in the other room to reset it. After 2 -3 times I was getting pretty stressed.We turned everything down to acoustic level and Paul had to virtually stop playing whilst Martin was singing.
What perplexed me was this - the venue is in the path of East Midlands Airport main runway and next to the race track where they hold Download every year, yet a wedding band using their smallest 500 watt rig playing at accoustic volume is too loud , Hmmmmmmm ?

Good luck to Olly and Vicky who were lovely and we wish them all the very best.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Food for thought, would you want 2 wedding receptions ?

Sir John Fretwell sports complex - Charles and Louise's wedding.

A wedding in a sports hall, they you mad? What next a wedding at the local 'day care' centre?
But it wasn't a wedding as such, we'd been duped ! They had already had the ceremony in Zante' two weeks previous ,lucky sods !
What we had here was a 'home coming' party for the friends and family who couldn't go. I thought the whole thing was very strange and how exhausting to do the whole thing again , putting your wedding dress on, getting made up and being nice to everyone all over again. Phew !

The best man ( grooms brother ) wasn't there though, he'd apparently got his dates wrong (sure) and was in Ibiza drinking,cavorting and smoking funny things.
He was there in spirit as they had made a life sized cardboard cut out of him to plonk on stage with us.I don't think anyone missed him.

One thing I did notice was that they do like their food up in Mansfield , plates were overflowing , they seemed to be playing that old " see how much food you can eat before your stomach bursts" game. Methinks they'd probably be ok for pack ups the following Monday , Tuesday. Sly old dogs. Either that or they hadn't eaten for three weeks.

I like Mansfield though , the people are friendly and the drinks are cheap , just like me !

tatty bye

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Abbey suite , Mytton Fold Hotel and Golf club, Blackburn

Off to Blackburn in glorious sunshine. If only every bride was this lucky!
This venue is set in stunning countryside 6 miles away Blackburn.

On the way to this jolly jamboree discussion in the VW transporter centred around the music industry and the dearth of talent coming through. Is rock music dead and does anyone care ?
The youngsters of today have so much else to occupy their brains . computers , video games , unlimited channels of telly, is there room any more for rebellious rock n roll. Music seems so "throw away" so incidental.

Great song writing tends to come from great hardship , just think of the blues , think of where the Beatles.Perhaps today's little darlings have just got it too good!

One band flying a lone flag for great song writing is the Artic Monkeys, clever lyrics with catchy guitar hooks combined with great vocals make them stand out.Alex Turner , the lead singer is a great story teller and his acidic whit cuts to the bone. His northern twang and faultless phrasing make him the one of the few remaining great British songwriters.

Back to the wedding and a cavernous room for a smallish event made for a strange mix.
Room size is so important at weddings and you have to get it right . At this event everyone was spread out all over the gardens and other hotel rooms,they never really got together. We were playing to 20 guests in a room with a 500 capacity.
It was hot outside so I can understand them wanting to enjoy the sun . In the upper reaches of the UK our friends only see a handful of sunny day per year, so they have to make the most of it!
The brides father thanked us for our efforts though and they all seemed very nice people.

All thats left to say is " Eee bye gum "

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

U2- Old men and leather pantaloons

Watching Glastonbury on Friday I was in awe of U2, Bonos vocals were as good as ever and the old songs still sound fabulous. But one thing bugged me , why does Bono and the Edge still wear black leather trousers? To my mind they looked absolutely ridiculous. I'm 44 probably around the same age as these two aging Rock Gods but just wouldn't contemplate such a fashion 'faux par'.There comes a time when we have to just accept our limitations, a bit of hair dye is acceptable but not tight leather pantaloons !

Just a word about Coldbore ,sorry Coldplay who headlined Saturday.Who likes this dirge, with there trashy depressing Nirvana-ish grunge? If Chris Martin is a good front man then Im a bony headed Clingon. What? I do look like a Clingon? you cheeky B#'/#rds!

I much preferred Sundays offering from Beyonce ,vocally perfect, beautiful and sexy. She even did a "walk about" QE II style. Adoring fans clambered to be brushed by her magic fingers, oblivious that they were about to be tossed 50 rows back by her surly beefcakes! What a Diva though!
Also enjoyed Aloe Black, Mumfords, BB King, Kool and the gang, Noah and the Whale and the wombles. Hoorah !

And so to this weeks wedding at Risley Hall Derbyshire . The wedding of Mario and Laura.
The band arrived at 7.30 for a 9 pm start. Notable for the large amount of children in attendance.
Weddings with lots of children tend to be finished by 10 pm when they have to climb the stairs to Bedfordshire.The bride and groom were stood in an empty room by 10.30, when really it should have been full of party goers. What a shame!
But it was their day and they obviously wanted a day with their nephews and nieces - fair play.
An odd choice to book a party band I'd have booked Dino Dinosaur.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Edgewarebury Hotel and Restaurant

Off to Elstree for a very harmonious wedding in the lovely setting of the Edgewarebury Hotel and Restaurant. The bride was very kind to us and danced the night away surrounded by her loving but rather inebriated throng. Hoorah!
One question remained on our lips all night long though,- "where was the Groom"?

He was nowhere to be seen, only to appear right at the death to give us our cheque.
Now , I'm not a romantic, just ask Mrs P , but to go missing all night, was very strange!
He told us he'd been stuck with Uncle Buck sorry Bob , and just couldn't get away.

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And here lies todays lesson for every would be married couple.

On your wedding day,remember its your day,not Uncle Bobs or Aunty Ivys!
Spend it together! Tell these timewasters in no uncertain terms to - "save your boring stories about hip replacements and the price of petrol.
Tell them " its party time, we ve booked Superfuzz and we're gonna BOOOOOOOOOOGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesson over.

After the gig it was back to the Travelodge as quickly as humanly possible for some sleep. The following Sunday morning I had to get back to Derbyshire ASAP.
JLS in concert at Alton Towers and my 13 year old daughter wasn't going to be very happy if I turned up late.

Whilst watching these nubile young bucks strutting about however,one question you might like to ponder came to my mind. When is a live band live and does it matter ?

Jls had no musicians on stage at all and sung to tapes all night . Now the kids didn't really care , but I must say I felt a little cheated.

The sound was absolutely awesome but you just couldn't tell what they were actually singing and what was a recorded backing track. Aston, the good looking one in the band could actually execute a triple back flip from a standing start and sing in tune at the same time ?

But I have to ask ,what would happen if we turned up to your wedding and mimed , how would you feel?

My guess is you wouldn't be very happy ,we wouldn't get paid , and you would send a rather bad review to our agent.
No such repercussions for JLs I wager though. How do they sleep at night? We may not have millions in the bank but we've got our pride !

In light of this please be assured, Superfuzz are 100% live , we don't use backing tapes , no trickery, guaranteed.

Also at the ALton towers concert were Mc Fly,the Saturdays and Eliza Doolittle; all sung live and were absolutely superb.

The Saturdays will live long in my memory for their excellent drummer,I had to move very close to the stage to study his technique. Those sexy girls kept getting in the way though.
Very,very,very annoying!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Elsham Hall Adrian and Jans Wedding

Jan and Adrians wedding Elsham Hall near Brigg, Lincs

Off to Brigg and not a Brass band in site and no,Superfuzz haven't been to Narnia.

These foliage balls made great wigs for the second set and gave everyone a good giggle except for the head waitress ,who confiscated them telling us us in no uncertain terms that they cost upwards of £25 and were not intended to be worn as wigs ,Oh Dear!!

I ended up in a fascinator having swaped my foliage ball with a guest. the fascinator didn't look as good on me though and didn't make me more fascinating strangely.

Anyway lovely venue and nice not to be playing in a Marquee for once.Some very friendly peacocks roam this estate to keep everyone amused. Now I have never been close to one before but these birds have a penchant for pork and stuffing cobs from the Hogroast. As far as I know has never once been mentioned on Birdwatch ( Im going to write to Bill Oddy)!

Also ,our new friend Mr P cock rather oddly also had a bit of a thing for a rather sexy navy blue Ford Fiesta parked on the gravel next to his perch. We couldn't work out if he wanted to hump it or fight it. It really did send him into a fits of rage and he circled it , pecked it , jumped on it and screeched at it for nigh on half an hour. Absolutely worn out he eventually wandered back for some pork scratchings with potato salad.

Jan and Adrian were lovely people and everyone danced all night. Rock n roll was the order of the day. The brides father was paying and he wanted Mr presley and Mr Chuick Berry , so who are we to argue?Finished off with Kings of leon " sex on fire" and everyone trooped off to the waiting bus very happy.

Pack down and back at the hotel for 2 pm,

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ed and Rachels wedding at Osmaston Park near Ashbourne

Early start for this fantastic wedding set in the beautiful Osmaston Park near Asbourne. An early accoustic set was the order of the day , followed by 2 x 1 hour sets to finish. Good grief we were tired but a good time was had by all and the wedding pretty well went to the brides strict timetable.

Just a word about the security man who must have been ex SAS. His attention to duty was relentless. He stood guard outside in the rain on the look out for the whole day from 2pm until 2am. Always at the ready to pounce on Al Queda terrorists hidden in the trees, he made our day . The only danger as far as we could work out was from a marauding squirrel who ran acroos the lawn a few times. Anyway hats off to you Sir.

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Its the Muppet Show !!!!! Wroxall Estate wedding 28th May 2011

Clare and Michaels wedding

Its the Muppet show with our very special guest stars - the staff of Wroxall Abbey who told us to set up in the wrong function room ! ArrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThe bride nearly had heart failure when she realised Superfuzz were set up in a space no bigger than my front room. The embarrassment of it all ! The staff duly apologised a thousand times and a rather quick pack down and a re-set ensued.

After half an hour we were ready to go again and our hosts managed to keep their cool ( Me thinks some brides would have bestowed the wrath of Khan upon this happless management ). But hey! mistakes happen and this venue was beautiful and would make for a fantastic setting for any wedding. See

Just a word about these lovely people. They danced all night , brought us food and dink and were extremely kind and grateful of our efforts , cheers to you Mr and Mrs and we wish you a long and happy marriage.

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RAF Cramwell Officers Party- Chocs away chaps!

26th May 2011

Off to RAF Cramwell near Lincoln for a good olde knees up. Arrived at 6 pm to be greeted by our host for the evening -Mr E. who looked after us very well. Highlight of the night was a couple of Biggles types playing on stage with us. An excellent drummer called Bryan and a super guitar player called Jon . Hats off to both ! I suppose when you can fly a Tornado jet fighter , playing a guitar or bashing a set of drums is no problem.
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Monday, 9 May 2011

Boxing Kangeroos at Ye Olde Bell Hotel & Restaurant, Retford

Ye Olde Bell Hotel & Restaurant,
Barnby Moor,
DN22 8QS

Mark and Ruth wedding 7th May 2011

Arrived on time again for this wedding , still doing the speeches and we had a bit of a wait before we could set up.

So its off to the bar for a shandy and a bag of crisps, oooh £ 10.20 for 3 drinks , ouch.

Nice wooden floor for us to set up on and a decent sized room. Started setting up at 7.30pm ready to go at 8.30. We played the first dance ," Amazed by Lonestar" and our bride and groom looked blissfully happy.

First set started and we soon realised they were up for the newer songs , so in the bin went Elvis and his rock'n roll chums and out came Greenday , the Artic Monkeys and Blink 182. They loved em and started jumping around like a bunch of boxing Kangeroos , so much so we thought it best to slow the set down before we all got trampled to death.Off to the buffet for some lovely wedges and a lie down. Second set was soon underway and Mr brightside went down the best. We left the wedding to kind words from our hosts and we wished them a very long and happy life together.

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Langley Priory wedding band

16 th April 2011
Off to Langley priory for a wedding.

What a beautiful setting and our guests were so lucky with the weather .April can be very dodgy as it can still snow, hiring a marquee was very optimistic. The gods smiled down though and the sun shoneth all day long.

We arrived 4.30 pm and after setting up our equipment had a few hours to waste. So what better way to kill time than a nice game of croquet on the lawn ?
Dennison brothers in combat for family bragging rights .

Suffice to say younger Dennison won the day.
The party started at about 9pm after some very good speeches and we had a great time. They loved the music and wouldn't let us off the stage. Charlie and his beautiful bride were perfect hosts and we were totally exhausted by the end, so much so Paul had to have a lie down in the light box

The party was that good, the place looked like a bomb had gone off afterwards.
And we've been offered a slot as house band , things are on the up!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, 1 April 2011

Army entertainment- Waterbeach Barracks , end of tour shin-dig

Back to lovely Waterbeach for the annual squaddie free for all. Dressed to the nines and looking like the cast of the rocky horror show our guests partied their socks off.
Best game of the night- naked squaddie bowling, never disappoints and always great fun.

In the end, it all passed off peacefully with the CO playing the drums to the eye of the tiger dressed in blonde curly wig and 70 s platform boots.

Interestingly ,when we drove back to our digs our guitar player suggested we park the van on the large empty car park next to the mess hall.

Great idea only that this wasn't a car park and I was woken at 6.30 am by a rather large Seargent Major who bellowed "which orrible little man as parked that bloody great van on my parade ground"
"Sorry officer, don't kill me, Im only a dumb drummer" came the reply

Good of the army to put us up though and sleeping in army barracks for the first time was quite an eye opener.Ive never slept with so many men,the smell in the morning was unforgettable. Ahhh the delights of being in a function band.

Back home for 12 and guess what ? They've booked us again. Help!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

So you want to the next Slash?

Superfuzz aren't just a wedding band, we are also music teachers too and spend evenings teaching the little darlings of Nottingham how to play guitar. We try to make the lessons fun as well as educational. From beginner to more advanced players we tailor each lesson to the needs of the student aimed at building skill, musical knowledge and confidence.

All our students can study 'Rockschool grades'which are independently assessed by an accredited Rockscholl examiner.We have seen great progress this year from our students whom we are very proud of. We teach all style from folk to pop and will teach the students songs they want to play.

If you are interested please phone us for rates and availability

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Superfuzz wedding band tour bus ready to go

Crikey , we re getting busy for the summer already with some pretty major wedding Saturdays getting booked up in this last week.Last year Superfuzz did well over 45 gigs and this year seems to be going even better. We have also been booked to entertain for our troops again ( god bless em) who will be returning from Afghanistan in March. Last years event was unforgettable with their elaborate fancy dress and peculiar party games,the less said the better, top secret stuff I'm afraid.Anyway if you think you want to book us , let us know as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Oh the joys of Jan and Feb

the wedding season months away, what does a wedding band do ? We ve been practicing like little Ninja's thats what. We've been adding new songs and I 've been working on this website.

Guitar bands seem to be pretty quiet at the moment though and the charts are full of solo singers and rappers. Where are the party classics from last year? I can't think of any that people will know. Sex on fire was the last massive anthem but since that , what ? I think Kings of Leon have gone off the boil seriously and the Killers have split up for a while. Brandon Flowers new solo stuff was dreadful, Crossfire being the only half decent track. I thought Mumford and Sons Lion man was pretty good but with a swear word in the chorus I don't think that itis going catch on at weddings, especially with the blue rinse brigade . Any ideas for songs, please let me know when you book and we will see if they are do-able. Remember we don't have a brass section or strings so be realistic

Hellaby Hall wedding band

Hellaby Hall Rotherham

80s theme 30 th Birthday party for Sally

First proper party of the year and our birthday girl had an unexpected surprise awaiting her. Halfway through the night her slightly inebriated boyfriend decided it would be a good idea to make an honest woman of her . Hurrah!!!!!

The unusual thing was he was dressed as Mr T from the 80's show the 'A team'. Cutting quickly to the chase, Mr T squeaked " Will you be my Mrs T" .Oh the romance of it all ,pass the tissues! Tension built and built as the birthday girl pondered life as Mrs T, finally replying ermm , ermmm ,ermmmm, yes", to rapturous applause and relief.

Halleluja.Halleluya,Halleeeeeeeeeeellllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuujaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It just goes to show you can't say no to Mr T especially when armed with a 12 bore water pistol !!

Good luck to you both ,Mr and Mrs T.

Hellaby Hall looked a good venue for wedding and functions check it out

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