Monday, 25 July 2011

Food for thought, would you want 2 wedding receptions ?

Sir John Fretwell sports complex - Charles and Louise's wedding.

A wedding in a sports hall, they you mad? What next a wedding at the local 'day care' centre?
But it wasn't a wedding as such, we'd been duped ! They had already had the ceremony in Zante' two weeks previous ,lucky sods !
What we had here was a 'home coming' party for the friends and family who couldn't go. I thought the whole thing was very strange and how exhausting to do the whole thing again , putting your wedding dress on, getting made up and being nice to everyone all over again. Phew !

The best man ( grooms brother ) wasn't there though, he'd apparently got his dates wrong (sure) and was in Ibiza drinking,cavorting and smoking funny things.
He was there in spirit as they had made a life sized cardboard cut out of him to plonk on stage with us.I don't think anyone missed him.

One thing I did notice was that they do like their food up in Mansfield , plates were overflowing , they seemed to be playing that old " see how much food you can eat before your stomach bursts" game. Methinks they'd probably be ok for pack ups the following Monday , Tuesday. Sly old dogs. Either that or they hadn't eaten for three weeks.

I like Mansfield though , the people are friendly and the drinks are cheap , just like me !

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