Monday, 25 July 2011

Food for thought, would you want 2 wedding receptions ?

Sir John Fretwell sports complex - Charles and Louise's wedding.

A wedding in a sports hall, they you mad? What next a wedding at the local 'day care' centre?
But it wasn't a wedding as such, we'd been duped ! They had already had the ceremony in Zante' two weeks previous ,lucky sods !
What we had here was a 'home coming' party for the friends and family who couldn't go. I thought the whole thing was very strange and how exhausting to do the whole thing again , putting your wedding dress on, getting made up and being nice to everyone all over again. Phew !

The best man ( grooms brother ) wasn't there though, he'd apparently got his dates wrong (sure) and was in Ibiza drinking,cavorting and smoking funny things.
He was there in spirit as they had made a life sized cardboard cut out of him to plonk on stage with us.I don't think anyone missed him.

One thing I did notice was that they do like their food up in Mansfield , plates were overflowing , they seemed to be playing that old " see how much food you can eat before your stomach bursts" game. Methinks they'd probably be ok for pack ups the following Monday , Tuesday. Sly old dogs. Either that or they hadn't eaten for three weeks.

I like Mansfield though , the people are friendly and the drinks are cheap , just like me !

tatty bye

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Abbey suite , Mytton Fold Hotel and Golf club, Blackburn

Off to Blackburn in glorious sunshine. If only every bride was this lucky!
This venue is set in stunning countryside 6 miles away Blackburn.

On the way to this jolly jamboree discussion in the VW transporter centred around the music industry and the dearth of talent coming through. Is rock music dead and does anyone care ?
The youngsters of today have so much else to occupy their brains . computers , video games , unlimited channels of telly, is there room any more for rebellious rock n roll. Music seems so "throw away" so incidental.

Great song writing tends to come from great hardship , just think of the blues , think of where the Beatles.Perhaps today's little darlings have just got it too good!

One band flying a lone flag for great song writing is the Artic Monkeys, clever lyrics with catchy guitar hooks combined with great vocals make them stand out.Alex Turner , the lead singer is a great story teller and his acidic whit cuts to the bone. His northern twang and faultless phrasing make him the one of the few remaining great British songwriters.

Back to the wedding and a cavernous room for a smallish event made for a strange mix.
Room size is so important at weddings and you have to get it right . At this event everyone was spread out all over the gardens and other hotel rooms,they never really got together. We were playing to 20 guests in a room with a 500 capacity.
It was hot outside so I can understand them wanting to enjoy the sun . In the upper reaches of the UK our friends only see a handful of sunny day per year, so they have to make the most of it!
The brides father thanked us for our efforts though and they all seemed very nice people.

All thats left to say is " Eee bye gum "

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