Monday, 14 April 2014

Great start to the wedding season

Superfuzz has had a very good start to the wedding season , two special gigs spring to mind , Clares College Bar ,Cambridge and Beaumanor Hall in Quorn  Leicestershire.
The college bar is situated in the basement of the college and has a fabulous ceiling . This allows for near perfect acoustic. Just like playing the Cavern in Liverpool. Our hosts , the Schoofs bopped all night and we had a great time . Shame these Superfuzzians never went to Cambridge , they were too busy plunking away on their guitars.To book one of the best Cambridge wedding bands , follow the link

Beaumanor Hall had a super function room and although the guests were scattered over several rooms they were all good enough to come and dance with the band and join in . Our groom even had a go singing  "Sex Bomb" which sent the audience into raptures and the best man got up for a rendition of Mustang Sally . 
We are turning into a bandeokee outfit , but we don't mind folks , it all adds to the evening .
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A special mention for the sound monitor at Mosborough Hall near Sheffield .It is unfortunately set at "miserable old git level  ". The band spent the whole evening staring at a green light trying not to trip it .
We didn't quite manage it and as the electricity was cut to the room our tweeters blew in our monitors ,.Harumph . The guest were very understanding however but we did have to turn down to near acoustic level.
It is our opinion that these venues do sell the clients short as it makes for a subdued band performance .
However we are willing to take bookings with sound limiters as long as our clients understand the restrictions it puts on us .
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