Tuesday, 28 June 2011

U2- Old men and leather pantaloons

Watching Glastonbury on Friday I was in awe of U2, Bonos vocals were as good as ever and the old songs still sound fabulous. But one thing bugged me , why does Bono and the Edge still wear black leather trousers? To my mind they looked absolutely ridiculous. I'm 44 probably around the same age as these two aging Rock Gods but just wouldn't contemplate such a fashion 'faux par'.There comes a time when we have to just accept our limitations, a bit of hair dye is acceptable but not tight leather pantaloons !

Just a word about Coldbore ,sorry Coldplay who headlined Saturday.Who likes this dirge, with there trashy depressing Nirvana-ish grunge? If Chris Martin is a good front man then Im a bony headed Clingon. What? I do look like a Clingon? you cheeky B#'/#rds!

I much preferred Sundays offering from Beyonce ,vocally perfect, beautiful and sexy. She even did a "walk about" QE II style. Adoring fans clambered to be brushed by her magic fingers, oblivious that they were about to be tossed 50 rows back by her surly beefcakes! What a Diva though!
Also enjoyed Aloe Black, Mumfords, BB King, Kool and the gang, Noah and the Whale and the wombles. Hoorah !

And so to this weeks wedding at Risley Hall Derbyshire . The wedding of Mario and Laura.
The band arrived at 7.30 for a 9 pm start. Notable for the large amount of children in attendance.
Weddings with lots of children tend to be finished by 10 pm when they have to climb the stairs to Bedfordshire.The bride and groom were stood in an empty room by 10.30, when really it should have been full of party goers. What a shame!
But it was their day and they obviously wanted a day with their nephews and nieces - fair play.
An odd choice to book a party band I'd have booked Dino Dinosaur.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Edgewarebury Hotel and Restaurant

Off to Elstree for a very harmonious wedding in the lovely setting of the Edgewarebury Hotel and Restaurant. The bride was very kind to us and danced the night away surrounded by her loving but rather inebriated throng. Hoorah!
One question remained on our lips all night long though,- "where was the Groom"?

He was nowhere to be seen, only to appear right at the death to give us our cheque.
Now , I'm not a romantic, just ask Mrs P , but to go missing all night, was very strange!
He told us he'd been stuck with Uncle Buck sorry Bob , and just couldn't get away.

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And here lies todays lesson for every would be married couple.

On your wedding day,remember its your day,not Uncle Bobs or Aunty Ivys!
Spend it together! Tell these timewasters in no uncertain terms to - "save your boring stories about hip replacements and the price of petrol.
Tell them " its party time, we ve booked Superfuzz and we're gonna BOOOOOOOOOOGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesson over.

After the gig it was back to the Travelodge as quickly as humanly possible for some sleep. The following Sunday morning I had to get back to Derbyshire ASAP.
JLS in concert at Alton Towers and my 13 year old daughter wasn't going to be very happy if I turned up late.

Whilst watching these nubile young bucks strutting about however,one question you might like to ponder came to my mind. When is a live band live and does it matter ?

Jls had no musicians on stage at all and sung to tapes all night . Now the kids didn't really care , but I must say I felt a little cheated.

The sound was absolutely awesome but you just couldn't tell what they were actually singing and what was a recorded backing track. Aston, the good looking one in the band could actually execute a triple back flip from a standing start and sing in tune at the same time ?

But I have to ask ,what would happen if we turned up to your wedding and mimed , how would you feel?

My guess is you wouldn't be very happy ,we wouldn't get paid , and you would send a rather bad review to our agent.
No such repercussions for JLs I wager though. How do they sleep at night? We may not have millions in the bank but we've got our pride !

In light of this please be assured, Superfuzz are 100% live , we don't use backing tapes , no trickery, guaranteed.

Also at the ALton towers concert were Mc Fly,the Saturdays and Eliza Doolittle; all sung live and were absolutely superb.

The Saturdays will live long in my memory for their excellent drummer,I had to move very close to the stage to study his technique. Those sexy girls kept getting in the way though.
Very,very,very annoying!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Elsham Hall Adrian and Jans Wedding

Jan and Adrians wedding Elsham Hall near Brigg, Lincs

Off to Brigg and not a Brass band in site and no,Superfuzz haven't been to Narnia.

These foliage balls made great wigs for the second set and gave everyone a good giggle except for the head waitress ,who confiscated them telling us us in no uncertain terms that they cost upwards of £25 and were not intended to be worn as wigs ,Oh Dear!!

I ended up in a fascinator having swaped my foliage ball with a guest. the fascinator didn't look as good on me though and didn't make me more fascinating strangely.

Anyway lovely venue and nice not to be playing in a Marquee for once.Some very friendly peacocks roam this estate to keep everyone amused. Now I have never been close to one before but these birds have a penchant for pork and stuffing cobs from the Hogroast. As far as I know has never once been mentioned on Birdwatch ( Im going to write to Bill Oddy)!

Also ,our new friend Mr P cock rather oddly also had a bit of a thing for a rather sexy navy blue Ford Fiesta parked on the gravel next to his perch. We couldn't work out if he wanted to hump it or fight it. It really did send him into a fits of rage and he circled it , pecked it , jumped on it and screeched at it for nigh on half an hour. Absolutely worn out he eventually wandered back for some pork scratchings with potato salad.

Jan and Adrian were lovely people and everyone danced all night. Rock n roll was the order of the day. The brides father was paying and he wanted Mr presley and Mr Chuick Berry , so who are we to argue?Finished off with Kings of leon " sex on fire" and everyone trooped off to the waiting bus very happy.

Pack down and back at the hotel for 2 pm,

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ed and Rachels wedding at Osmaston Park near Ashbourne

Early start for this fantastic wedding set in the beautiful Osmaston Park near Asbourne. An early accoustic set was the order of the day , followed by 2 x 1 hour sets to finish. Good grief we were tired but a good time was had by all and the wedding pretty well went to the brides strict timetable.

Just a word about the security man who must have been ex SAS. His attention to duty was relentless. He stood guard outside in the rain on the look out for the whole day from 2pm until 2am. Always at the ready to pounce on Al Queda terrorists hidden in the trees, he made our day . The only danger as far as we could work out was from a marauding squirrel who ran acroos the lawn a few times. Anyway hats off to you Sir.

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