Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Its the Muppet Show !!!!! Wroxall Estate wedding 28th May 2011

Clare and Michaels wedding

Its the Muppet show with our very special guest stars - the staff of Wroxall Abbey who told us to set up in the wrong function room ! ArrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThe bride nearly had heart failure when she realised Superfuzz were set up in a space no bigger than my front room. The embarrassment of it all ! The staff duly apologised a thousand times and a rather quick pack down and a re-set ensued.

After half an hour we were ready to go again and our hosts managed to keep their cool ( Me thinks some brides would have bestowed the wrath of Khan upon this happless management ). But hey! mistakes happen and this venue was beautiful and would make for a fantastic setting for any wedding. See www.wroxall.com

Just a word about these lovely people. They danced all night , brought us food and dink and were extremely kind and grateful of our efforts , cheers to you Mr and Mrs and we wish you a long and happy marriage.

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RAF Cramwell Officers Party- Chocs away chaps!

26th May 2011

Off to RAF Cramwell near Lincoln for a good olde knees up. Arrived at 6 pm to be greeted by our host for the evening -Mr E. who looked after us very well. Highlight of the night was a couple of Biggles types playing on stage with us. An excellent drummer called Bryan and a super guitar player called Jon . Hats off to both ! I suppose when you can fly a Tornado jet fighter , playing a guitar or bashing a set of drums is no problem.
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Monday, 9 May 2011

Boxing Kangeroos at Ye Olde Bell Hotel & Restaurant, Retford

Ye Olde Bell Hotel & Restaurant,
Barnby Moor,
DN22 8QS

Mark and Ruth wedding 7th May 2011

Arrived on time again for this wedding , still doing the speeches and we had a bit of a wait before we could set up.

So its off to the bar for a shandy and a bag of crisps, oooh £ 10.20 for 3 drinks , ouch.

Nice wooden floor for us to set up on and a decent sized room. Started setting up at 7.30pm ready to go at 8.30. We played the first dance ," Amazed by Lonestar" and our bride and groom looked blissfully happy.

First set started and we soon realised they were up for the newer songs , so in the bin went Elvis and his rock'n roll chums and out came Greenday , the Artic Monkeys and Blink 182. They loved em and started jumping around like a bunch of boxing Kangeroos , so much so we thought it best to slow the set down before we all got trampled to death.Off to the buffet for some lovely wedges and a lie down. Second set was soon underway and Mr brightside went down the best. We left the wedding to kind words from our hosts and we wished them a very long and happy life together.

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