Friday, 30 July 2010

Inglewood Hall wedding band

Wedding 28th July 2010
Inglewood Hall Cheshire
I am the dumbest drummer ever , can you believe this.
I was talking to the DJ at this wedding and said to him “Do you play at this venue often?”, he said “I’m resident” and I said “Do you live here then”.  I m so thick!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realised what I had said immediately and just wished the ground would swallow me up.
Anyway a great gig and the sound was good . The guests bopped around and the bride and groom were very hospitable.

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Screaming Hawks are back

Superfuzz are not just a bunch copycats , we do create our own original songs under our other guise The Screaming Hawks. We have just completed a couple of tracks . Dirty girl ( about the lovely Nottingham ladies) and Just another Saturday night. Check em out at the address

please let me know what you think.

Hippies in Happisburgh

Wedding 24th July 2010
Happisburgh Norfolk
Bit of a trek for this one , Phew I m worn out .
Played at the back of the local pub to quite an appreciative hippy sorry happy bunch. The stage consisted of a bit of B&Q decking  , which we didn’t mind although the sound was as flat as a witches ?>@:< .

Little Evie ( superstar piano player in the making and only 7 years old) volunteered to add a little percussion to the proceedings by bashing away on my cowbell to the entire second set.
Anyway the alcohol flowed and veggie burgers were dispatched with great gusto.
Returned Sunday with happy memories but very tired.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Catterick Garrison party band

Friday 9th July 2010 Wedding Penistone , near Barnsley.

Sat navs and guitar players
Our Sat Nav has got a very sexy voice and I love to listen to her telling me what to do .Turn left , turn right , its music to my ears . But, when your lead guitarist puts in the wrong postcode and you end up outside a garage in Barnsley in the middle of nowhere , things can become a little fraught. We all swore at her and cursed her little screen which was too small to accommodate Paul’s stubby fingers and it was definitely her fault he put in P instead of Q. We threatened to throw her out the window and bash her lights out .Then we remembered we were outside a garage in Barnsley with no idea where to go; so we have gave her one last chance. We all agreed anymore messing around and she is out the band !

Saturday 10th June Catterick Garrison , Catterick, North Yorkshire.
Roman Party night.
Off to Catterick for a roman orgy , sorry party . Everyone was very well turned out and made our £1.68 e bay Gladiator helmets look very poor. Metal body armour and swords, looked very scary on these human killing machines, and the  men looked good too!
Bob the DJ was very obliging and let use put our vocals through his speakers .However we forgot the old adage “ Never use anyone else’s equipment” and guess what happend? The vocals disappeared ½ way through our set and Bob the DJ was nowhere to be found. ! Very embarrassing to say the least.
Anyway I told a few jokes about Romans see below

• Teacher: Who can tell me where Hadrians Wall is?
•Pupil: I expect it's around Hadrian's garden miss!

•Teacher: How was the Roman Empire cut in half?
•Pupil: With a pair of Caesars!

•1st Roman Soldier: What is the time?
•2nd Roman Soldier: XX past VII!

Martin then did his snake body pop routine and we just about made it through until Bob entered stage left saying ,” it s never happened before “. Hmmmmmm? Bob was a very nice guy and we all loved his stories including the one about Dj ing for Princess Diana’s second cousin twice removed , very interesting!
Anyway , the party was running late and we only played 45 minutes. After packing our stuff away we were surprised to find a dying gladiator lying in front of the van. He was so drunk he didn’t even know he had cut his head open. Oh the joy of Mr Jack Daniels, but what a night!

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Gosforth Hall band

Gosforth Hall Inn, Gosforth,Seascale,Cumbria, 3rd July 2010 Wedding
Brocket Hall Welwyn Garden City 4th July 2010
What a trek , poor old van huffed and puffed it’s way over the Cumbrian mountains all the way the Gosforth near Whitehaven. Arrived very tired , but were met by a jovial barmaid and a cup of tea which made us feel much better. The venue didn’t really suit a live band. Thick carpets and curtains and a small room size made us feel like we were playing in my front room. It’s very difficult to get a good sound under these conditions. Just ask my neighbours.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and good luck to Mr and Mrs.
Guess where our intrepid explorers were playing the following day? - Brocket Hall -Welwyn Garden City only 7 hours away! Sack the tour manager! Even the mighty Quo wouldn’t be able to play after those sorts of distances. We arrived absolutely exhausted. Our little vw did us proud!
But the show must go on and thanks to Iri and his beautiful bride we had a great night and even a lemon fairy turned up to cheer us on. To book Superfuzz up north so to speak go to

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Romans and Countrymen

Romans and Countrymen
Wedding Taversham Norwich
Arrived at five for a fabulous wedding party
in this beautiful part of England.
The guests danced the night away and loved every minute.

Towards the end of the night our gathered Scottish brethren played some traditional Scottish songs over the ipod ; now I’ve not danced the Gay Gordon since my country dancing sessions at school, where I always ended up dancing with another boy for some reason? Anyway ,Saturday was no different and I ended up dancing with Martin and his two left feet. Suffice to say I was the male lead and I had him twirling the night away. He seemed to like it , perhaps we should try it at all our gigs?We  then went on to do the highland fling and collapsed on the floor like a pair of tossed cabers.

Thankyou to Susan for treating us to a lovely dinner and a few drinks.
Sex on Fire twice in a night , shouldn’t be allowed! Also thanks for the kind words and testimonial.

Ps I m in big trouble , booked  in for an army gig and I agreed that we would dress up as Roman Gladiators , Martin and Paul were not very impressed as they are serious musicians. Well all I can say is - when in Rome do as the romans , when your not in Rome ,but surrounded by inebriated squaddies - do as the romans!

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Welcome to the Superfuzz blog 2010
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