Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Weddings and wellies

7th April 2012 Tythe Barn Oxfordshire

The bride and groom wore chicken outfits for their first dance and danced the birdie song , but guess what ,it wasn't them, it was someone pretending to be them ,ha ha , laugh , I nearly did , but didn't.
Lovely venue supposedly owned by Jamie Oliver no less . I thought the venue was very picturesque but a little cold. Mind you it was about  - 3 outside.  April weddings are a bit risky weather wise , but if your on a budget, you can save a lot of money. We were treated very well and we take our hats off to the happy couple and wish them well.

14th April 2012 Nottingham Belfry hotel

40th Ruby wedding celebration for Robin and Sue . An enormous room with guests spread out doesn't bode well . Get your room size right peeps and you will have a great do , too big and as Frank once sang ,"there may be trouble ahead, oh and make sure the ale is not £4.50 a pint or everyone will be very glum.
This little shindig passed off reasonably well in the end and we enjoyed playing on home turf.

15th April 2012 Cardon Hall ,Cheshire

The wedding of Scott and Amy was a truly brilliant night. The room size was perfect , the guests were dancing all night even though it was a Sunday and our host Scott was the perfect Gent.
Do you remember the little girl off BGT , well, we had her double come up on stage and sing "The climb by Mylie Cyrus and she was absolutely fantastic . The whole song from start to finish! I think Simon Cowell may have another star on his hands .
Fuuniest moment was when we played oasis and the guys started doing their Liam Gallagher impersonations , funniest thing I've ever seen.