Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Flowerpot welcomes a guitar legend

Superfuzz were delighted to see Wilko Johnson at the Flowerpot in Derby recently .He was in fine form with Norman Watt Roy of ''the Blockheads'' . Wilko is not well due to cancer and has refused treatment, so to see him looking so well was brilliant. 

Wilko found fame with the Canvey Island band "Dr Feelgood" who are credited with influencing many of the Punk / New Wave artists during the late 70s and early 80s .Our own original band ( the Screaming Hawks ) were lucky enough to support The Wilko Johnson band a few years back . Here he is looking fabulous with my sister Lisa and Brother in law Alan who run the bands at the Flowerpot .


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fluddy hell

19th October - 40 th Birthday party

Derbyshire wedding band Superfuzz performed at a fabulous 40 th birthday party for the lovely Sharon. We were greeted with horrendous rain at our Derbyshire venue . The field where our vehicles were parked was very boggy . Our Ford Transit just could nt get out and had to be abandoned with 5k worth of equipment in it ! We managed to get the cars off resulting in this hilarious shot of Martin .He cried like the girl he is !Tee hee .
Not the best way of spending my Sunday though, digging out the band van , don't worry lads it only took me 2 hours.

The lesson here is make sure in the event of rain all your suppliers can get off site . We play a lot of marquees so a standby tractor / plan of action needs to be in place .
Tatty bye !
ps have you noticed he is being harassed by a pink alien thing, hope it eats him !
derbyshire wedding bands

Monday, 30 September 2013

Tit bits

6th September- Launay Restaurant , Edwinstowe wedding Dave and Janice
Received this great feedback 

Hi all
 just to wanted to say a huge thank you for playing at our wedding on Friday 6th September.
We’ve just got back from honeymoon and everyone is commenting on how brilliant you were and the fantastic range of music that catered for all ages.
You had us all dancing immediately you took to the stage and we just carried on all night after that and all the staff at Launnay’s were dancing in the aisles too!
The three piece band was ideal for our small venue and I have to say the three of you rocked the joint.
Thought you may like to see a picture of my good self with you all!
Thank you for finishing off our wedding perfectly. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who wants a band in the future.
Oh also a huge thanks for learning our special song – Chasing cars by Snow Patrol. That was fantastic too.



Market Harbourer Football Club- wedding -Paul and Sarah
What a great do and in the words of Jim Bowen " what lovely super smashing folk "  .

Paul and Sarah were so down to earth . Couldn't be bothered with a first dance or speeches , too much trouble ," lets chill out and have a good time" was the mantra for this wedding .Being at a football club it would have been rude not to have a kick about whilst waiting to go on. It was great to score a few goals in the nets.I ve still got a few tricks in my bag and was able to mesmerise my band mates with step overs , drag backs and dummies.  Martin keyboards managed to carry off the Superfuzz cup however ,as I was handicapped by having no tread on my winkle pickers.
Superfuzz are an amazing Leicester Wedding bands, contact us at

25/ 08 /2013

Cambridge Hessington Nicola and Stuart 50 th
A garden party for our illustrious birthday boy who accompanied the band on stage for the Jams Eton Rifles and Teenage kicks to name just a few . A lovely day spent with the good folk of Hessington village . The free bar was very welcome , of course I could'nt partake due to driving duties , but it was nice to see Martin and Paul falling off the wagon of sobriety . Cambridge wedding bands come in different shapes and sizes , if you want a fabulous one with a super pa and light show , pick the Fuzz

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Whole lotta shakin goin on !

29th July Trafford Hall near Cheshire

Had to play this one as a four piece as Martin Keyboards was away sunning his pathetically pale body . However, still managed to come through with flying colours , must have been my mind blowing drum solo! 

Received this back from Phil the brides Father via our agents for the night .Warble Entertainment-

The band arrived promptly as arranged, set up quietly, and were flexible with start times for each of their two 60 minute sets. They played great music, entertained and kept us dancing to all the usual favourites! Helpful, polite and perfect for us & our wedding guests. Thanks guys!

Cheshire wedding bands top pick superfuzz

27th July 2013 Helen and Chris Wedding party.Wood Hall , near Wetherby .

We've been booked for a number of wedding parties lately where the lucky bride and groom have been married in Barbados. I can only surmise that they must be very busy out there . Now,when I'm on my sun bed, the last thing I need is confetti in my Pina callarda or the sound of 'here comes the bride whilst trying listening to Van Halen through my ear phones .Come on guys, get married in rainy Olde England and spend all your cash on the friends and family you never see  , you know it makes sense !

Superfuzz top choice of yorkshire wedding bands

30/07/2013 Igus Group

Silverstone race track - Chapmans retirement party

A Tuesday night is a strange night for a party. A retiring Mr Chapman reminded everyone he expected them at their desks the following morning , which seemed a funny way of encouraging a party atmosphere . Hats off to Chapmans German boss who entertained the amassed throng with " Sex Bomb , My way and Ain't no sunshine when you ve gone" ; sung with a Bavarian accent with lyrics adapted to include the word Chapman at every opportunity , Huh ?  Here is me and Martin posing by some of the sporty cars , think I might buy one .

Choose one of the best function bands on the scene , go for Superfuzz

RAF Benson Summer Ball Haiwian night

All looked good for this summer ball held in the Helicopter hanger at RAF Benson
A cocktail bar kept the drinks flowing and we kept them dancing . Thanks to Jess for getting up and singing Mr Brightside with us. Events for the forces can be a bit raucous , this one passed off peacefully, except for the final 10 mins when Jess got  a shard of glass stuck in her foot , ouch , keep your shoes on girls !

oford wedding bands top band Superfuzz
Rufford Country Park , Sean and Trudie Wedding 
Warning - Too many Kids can kill your wedding .
Trying to please your friends by inviting their children does no one any favours . Firstly the children get tired about 9 pm .  Mums and Dads can't enjoy themselves and have a few drinks and thirdly the only thing they will dance too is Wigfield and the Macarreena. Arghhh .
The Bride and Groom sung our praises at the end and we vanished into the night to the sound of the  cha cha slide ----- criss cross , everyboby clap your hands

Superfuzz wedding band for hire in Nottingham

10/08/ 2013

Ed and Kerri's wedding , Newhaven,  Derbyshire 
A massive marquee greeted us upon arrival and an absolutely huge wedding . Hundreds of guests ! How does someone become so popular. I would struggle to fill a small bedroom with my friends. It's hard to have friends when you are so god-damn handsome.Jealousy is a horrible trait. As Lady Ga ga said " I was born this way" !

Carlos the DJ managed to play half our set before we entered the fray despite me giving him our set list .
But hats off to everyone for joining in at the end for our couple and well done to Archie for cajoling them into singing . There s nothing like getting amongst the crowd , Lets be avin yer !

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Superfuzz venture near the Arctic circle and come back with a suntan , hoorah !

12th July The Grand Hotel ,Tynemouth Melvyn and Stephanie wedding celebration

Up to Tynemouth, near Newcastle for Melvyns wedding celebration. Methinks they were married in the Bahamas or somewhere similar and just wanted to treat their friends and family. Nothing wrong with that !
The Grand Hotel is located in a stunning position looking over the beach and we very much enjoyed the vista.
Strangely the sounds of 1980's New Romantics, the Human League wafted over us as they were performing ajust a stones throw away in the local park. They sound 'spot on' live and Phil Oakleys voice has not diminished one bit.
 Afterwards we packed our equipment together and made our way to the Travelodge for a hot cocoa and some well deserved shut eye  and no we didn't carry onto to Newcastle and stay out all night long partying, and if anyone tells you different that must have been Hipster  not SUPERFUZZ , get it right !

13th July Dukeries Hotel near Huddesfield ,Christian and Dianne

A smashing little wedding festival in the heart of Yorkshire. A plethora of children and grandparents did not bode well for this party , but come 9 pm,  a slow trickle up the stairs to bedfordshire ensured we were left with a handful of party lovin, dancing swiss bankers no less. They danced and rocked about with real gusto and had a penchants for heavy rock too  . We obliged with some AC/DC and Black Sabbath . How could we refuse ? They even cajoled us into another set and we ended up playing another half an hour, you Guys !

Monday, 8 July 2013

Superfuzz are 'COOL for CATS

Friday 28th June , Twycross zoo ,wedding.

A wedding at Twycross zoo , who came up with that brilliant idea ?How many brides dance the night away in the presence of a beautiful snow leopard ?We had a great time and this venue certainly offered something very different. The snow leopards particularly enjoyed , Tiger feet , Love cats and little lion man. They hated Hound dog , puppy lover and who let the dogs out , er sorry .

Rufford MIll 29th June2013

 A 3 pm arrival ,acoustic set and 2 x 1 hour sets certainly made for a very long but very enjoyable day.
The guest were in high spirits from the off and bopped around non stop. The happy couple seemed to have  their own version of Bez from the Happy Mondays.He certainly kept the party going . Especially loved his dance with the brides wheel chair bound Grandmother who was whizzed around the dance floor at top speed. The evening ended with the groom and Bez in what can only described as the missionary position.
Hats off to you party lovin nutters !

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Great feedback for our 3 piece option

Just received this feedback from a client who booked us through Alive Network , our main agents.
Our 3 piece option is called Junction 26 on Alive Network

Questions about Junction 26
Did Junction 26 arrive on time and set up on schedule? Were they well organised?
Your answer:

They arrived on time and were really professional and extremely well organised.
Q2: Were Junction 26 friendly, polite & well presented? Did they present a professional attitude?
Your answer:
They were friendly, polite and extremely well presented.  They were fantastic with all of my guests.

Q3: How happy were you with Junction 26's performance? Did they live up to your expectations? Did your guests enjoy them?
Your answer:
Their performance was outstanding and exceeded my expections.  My guests thoroughly enjoyed them and when my guests were not dancing, they sat and watched and really enjoyed them playing.

Q4: In your opinion, was there any aspect of Junction 26's service that could have been improved?
Your answer:
They couldn't improve on anything.  I had a first class service, by 3 first class performers.

Questions about Alive Network
How did you first hear about Alive Network or Junction 26? Have you seen one of our magazine adverts?
Your answer:
I was using Google to search for a Live Band for my 40th birthday party.  After searching for a couple of weeks, I read Junction 26's reviews and listened to their demos on the Alive Network website.  I was really impressed and enquired about booking them straight away.

Q6: Before finding Alive Network, how easy did you find it to locate bands or artists to consider for your event? Why was it you decided on booking through Alive Network?
Your answer:
I booked with Alive Network because that is who had Junction 26 on their bookings list.

Q7/ Before you made your booking, what were your biggest concerns surrounding booking entertainment or choosing to book with us?
Your answer:
I wanted a professional band that was friendly.  Most importantly, I really enjoyed their demos and they played my kind of music.

Q8: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how strongly do you agree with the following statements?

a) I chose this artist to match my budget:     0
b) Budget was less important than finding the right artist:   10
c) I stretched my budget to book this artist:  10
d) The security of booking through Alive Network was important:  4
e) I was happy with the service provided by my Alive coordinator:  10
Q9: On a scale of 1-10, how happy were you overall with the services offered by Alive Network AND Junction 26?
Your answer:
I was really pleased with the correspondence received from Alive Network and absolutely delighted with Junction 26.
Q10: So that future customers can benefit from your feedback, please provide a short paragraph summary of your general satisfaction with Alive Network and Junction 26. If you don't want your comments used on our web site, please let us know.
Your answer:
Junction 26 are 3 fantastic musicians who not only performed brilliantly, but every one of my guests thought that they were fantastic.  They were extremely polite and professional and I would thoroughly recommend Junction 26 to anyone who wants a great evening.  I will certainly be booking them again for future functions that I hold or arrange.  Many many thanks for making my 40th birthday party so special. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Marquees and downpours

8th June 2010 Ashton House Jeni's 21 st Birthday party .
Wow !The best looking audience ever .  Times the Saturdays by ten and you will have some idea of what I'm talking about . We weren't allowed off stage even after playing for a  gruelling two and a half hours , they just wanted more and more . By the end I felt like I d been ten rounds with Mike Tyson .
Oh,  another chance to insert a picture of the Saturdays , sorry !

This date marked the début of Superfuzz 2 our new trusty van . Our VW was getting too cramped due to George's ever increasing bass equipment . I bought it off a very amiable chap called Mr Asif Sheraz . Which does beg the question ,would you buy a van off someone called As If ? I did ! Anyway it seems to be ok with plenty of cup holders and a reassuring grunt under the bonnet .
We ve been pondering having it emblazoned with our photo's with " Superfuzz wedding band "written on it. However, George is so good looking, female drivers would be constantly overtaking us to look , causing major traffic chaos ( tongue in cheek ) , perhaps better leave it white .

Website link , apparently it helps our google ranking ,

29th May 2013 wedding Joanne Webb
A wedding on a Wednesday , are you crazy ? Does no one work Thursdays anymore ?
Anyway ,it rained so hard on the way to this wedding , we could have done with a speedboat instead of a vw van . We were a tad late due to biblical flooding. Sometimes,unfortunately circumstances conspire against us ; on arrival however our couple had not panicked and were pleased to see us .Its better to a little arrive late than driving dangerously and putting musicians at risk . How would the world of drumming recover if I had been lost to the storm ? ( very easily I here you cry ,thanks ) All went swimmingly though , pardon the pun -We set up in record time and played two blistering sets our guests appreciated ; left to kind words and hearty thanks , another satisfied client ! Bravo

Website link , apparently it helps our google ranking ,

Warning political  rant coming up  :- Google has a lot to answer for . The whole world is obsessed with being at the top of it , It used to be mount Everest or K2 . Cannot the human race find a more productive use of its resources than striving to be top of a virtual directory of everything , and Google doesn't pay any tax !
Time for someone to invent a UK search engine that pays it's way and doesn't spy on us . I think Ill start one and call it Nigel after me . Hoorah . 

25th May The Olde Post office Shrewsbury for Alive Network

What a lovely oldy worldy place Shrewsbury is. A very small room awaited our arrival . The guest were very welcoming and we had a great time and received the following feed back to our agent 

On the night junction 26 were fantastic – they played a great set of rock’n’roll, old favourites and modern tunes which had my guests up and dancing from start to finish."

ps , we are called junction 26 and Easy Street on Alive Network as they require all their bands to have names that do not appear anywhere else on the internet , to avoid conflicts with our own site and other agencies.

18th May 2013
A rather large back garden somewhere in Warwickshire CV32.
I don't know about you but I would struggle to fit a 2 man bell tent in my garden let alone a huge marquee . But marquees seem very trendy at the moment . The weather was kind to these country folk and everything went tickerty boo . The chef looked after us with leftovers and humoured us with his cookery tales . Is it me or are all chef's completely bonkers ?
We will be returning soon to this slightly remote part of Wawickshire due to someone leaving a bag of lyrics there , which dumb ass could that be ? answers on a post card.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Superfuzz rock Donny races

4th May 2013 Doncaster Racecourse extravaganza 

Wow , the Superfuzz performed in front of 1200 people at the Doncaster race day . A massive sound rig and stage was a welcome change to being crammed into tight rooms and corners . The crowd were well lubricated and sang along to Mr Brightside and Chelsea dagger with hearty enthusiasm and we loved every minute. There were lots of  Stag and hen nights and we enjoyed kind words at the end .Thank to Paul from Liz Hobbs group for a great sound through the pa , the drum kit sounded like a freight train. To book Superfuzz in the Doncaster area go to

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wentwell house , Pontefract and Park Farm house Castle Donnington

Friday 12th April , 5 piece , Wentwell house near Pontefract Ann Chapman
Super night in Pontefract , all went off very well .We even gave "Eye of the Tiger "its first outing to gauge reaction and it seemed to go down great, as did "Every Breath you take" by the Police  Our host for the night Rod was very helpful and we wish the happy couple a long and happy life together.
Saturday 13th April Park Farm House Castle Donnington Niki and Steve
received the following email for this outing
 Just thought i'd send you a quick email to say how great you were at our wedding on 13th April 2013. All of our guests commented what a great band you were.
We really enjoyed ourselves, and if there is anywhere we can write a testimonial on your website, we'd be more than happy to.
Thanks again

Its always fun playing Park Farm house the acoustics are unbelievably good and the band sounded great .
We particularly enjoyed the cheese between the performances , you can't bit a bit of Stilton ! 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Ah ,the joys of spring

Its been so cold and horrid , I thought spirits may have been subdued at our recent weddings / bookings , but no, they have been on the whole raucous affairs ,all except for one , read on.

16th March 2013
Off to the Botanical Gdns in Birmingham for the wedding of the lovely Sam and Johnathan.
A somewhat large room greeted the band for this function , not quite as big as the Royal concert Hall , but not far off. This party went swimmingly and marked the début of Georges new 12 x 12 bass cab;the size of a large wardrobe and the weight of a large elephant. There's just one problem , we now need a bigger van !
Our host particularly enjoyed  indie classics , especially the Artic Monkeys ,Blink 182 and Green day , leaping around like demented Salmon , hoorah !

23rd March Spalding Conservative club

The 65 th birthday of the lovely Thelma was a conservative affair . The music was kept at low volumes so our guests could chat away about past glories and battles won. Even the disco lights were kept subdued at the request of one of the more senior guests. One did think they may have been better off with a mime act. shush please you rock n rollers !!!!!!!!!!
29th March Rudding Hall , Harrogate

A lovely wedding and a super venue near the beautiful Harrogate . Alex was marring Alex , which I thought was very clever. Marrying someone who has the same first name is so mod . I looked for years for a girl called Nigel and had to settle for a man instead.
Everyone danced the second set after drinking the bar dry during the first and I was particularly impressed with the grooms dashing army uniform complete with sword . His ability to stand to attention was in question but he deserved a hearty salute nevertheless .

30th March The Belfry , Richard and Gemma

Superfuzz were delighted to receive the following testimonial .

 Hi Paul

Myself and Richard would like to pass on a massive thank you for playing at our wedding on Saturday. We had the most amazing day and you made the evening reception!! That dance floor was full and everyone had a great time. There was lots of dodgy dancing and bouncing around... Led by myself ;-) The number of people who commented on how great you were is unreal. We really can't put into words how fab you were. We will definitely be passing on our recommendations.

Thank you so much
Gemma and Richard

We do appreciate kind words and these two people had the time of their lives. The party went perfectly ,everyone enjoyed the night  , well done folks !

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sunday 17th February
Holdenby Hall Northamptonshire

The very beautiful Annouska and her guests , bopped and partied all night long , disregarding the fact that it was a Sunday and a day of rest . They particularly loved Don't Stop Believing and 500 miles which never seem to disappoint. Highlight of the night was being accompanied on the drum set by a rather lovely lady wanting to be enlightened in the arts of syncopation . I told this lovely creature that if she could rub her tummy whilst patting her head , she was probably half way there. This she did with absolute ease and proceeded to stamp her feet at the same time , a natural drummer if ever I've seen one. I don't normally allow people on my drums for fear of running into the next Cozy Powell but anyone in high heels is absolutely fine.

Saturday 16th February Presswold Hall near Loughborough

Lovely wedding and weren't they lucky with the weather . Springlike conditions put everyone in a very good mood and what a gorgeous setting. It turned out our bride was a professional viola player with the Nottingham philharmonic,which all sounded very impressive. I played in my school orchestra, they  always gave me the one shaker with the peas missing  , do you think they were trying to tell me something , hmm ?? 

Monday, 28 January 2013

Northampton Hilton 
26th January 2013
60 th Birthday Party for Christine Off to the Hilton for the first gig of the year , a 60 th Birthday party for the lovely Christine . One of our best ever gigs . Fantastic people ready for a good time ! The fuzz ended up playing for a record breaking 3 hours , the last set being a hearty 90 mins. 
Thanks to Martin for keeping me hanging on a exhausting drum fill for 10 mins whilst he encouraged people to sing Hi Ho Silver Lining , he thought that was hilarious. I've got arms like a chimp today. Great "dance off" as well with some cool moves. Loved the snake hips.

Looking forward to this weeks practice . We are bringing a few different songs into the set . The first one we are working on is a Bruno Mars cover "Locked out of Heaven " . Great tune reminiscent of the Police with its Reggae beat  and shows off Archies high range .

The second being Drive by , by Train , a great little sing along and bang up to date ,

And the last is the old Blues Brothers classic , Everybody Needs Somebody . Just can't go wrong with it , can you ?

All guaranteed to keep your guest on the floor and the party moving.

Check out our soundclips at

ps , some big dates gone now , so look on our calender ( )to check if your date is still free and if it is ,get your skates on!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Lift off !

Great response to this years dates already , lots of enquiries coming in.14 dates already gone. Obviously some dates are premium , from May through to September , so if you want one of these ,book early to avoid disappointment.

A 20 % deposit secures your date and remember we do offer discounts for Fridays and Sundays and out of season Nov, Jan , Feb and March. Don't scrimp on the main entertainment for your wedding night , treat your guests, book the best, book Superfuzz]

Superfuzz performing in Cheshire