Thursday, 18 July 2013

Superfuzz venture near the Arctic circle and come back with a suntan , hoorah !

12th July The Grand Hotel ,Tynemouth Melvyn and Stephanie wedding celebration

Up to Tynemouth, near Newcastle for Melvyns wedding celebration. Methinks they were married in the Bahamas or somewhere similar and just wanted to treat their friends and family. Nothing wrong with that !
The Grand Hotel is located in a stunning position looking over the beach and we very much enjoyed the vista.
Strangely the sounds of 1980's New Romantics, the Human League wafted over us as they were performing ajust a stones throw away in the local park. They sound 'spot on' live and Phil Oakleys voice has not diminished one bit.
 Afterwards we packed our equipment together and made our way to the Travelodge for a hot cocoa and some well deserved shut eye  and no we didn't carry onto to Newcastle and stay out all night long partying, and if anyone tells you different that must have been Hipster  not SUPERFUZZ , get it right !

13th July Dukeries Hotel near Huddesfield ,Christian and Dianne

A smashing little wedding festival in the heart of Yorkshire. A plethora of children and grandparents did not bode well for this party , but come 9 pm,  a slow trickle up the stairs to bedfordshire ensured we were left with a handful of party lovin, dancing swiss bankers no less. They danced and rocked about with real gusto and had a penchants for heavy rock too  . We obliged with some AC/DC and Black Sabbath . How could we refuse ? They even cajoled us into another set and we ended up playing another half an hour, you Guys !


  1. Where is the talented good looking one,?

  2. up the creek without a paddle