Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Here comes the rain again

June 30th Norwood Park Wedding

Oh dear the Gods conspired against our Bride and groom for this wedding . A bereavement on the day of the wedding is hard to take but it also rained all night long ; which was a bit of a dampener as we were playing outside on the patio. The air was decidedly cool to say the least.We did our best and managed to coax a few onto the dance floor.  Sometimes things don't go right and we have to just shake our tail feathers and carry on.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hob nobbing with the stars

Sunday 25 th November 2012
Priesthouse Castle Donnington  Dugald Bruce Lockhart, Penny Rawlins

Superfuzz hob nobbing with the Stars !

Superfuzz were surprised to be greeted with a room full of actors and actresses for this little shindig in South Derbyshire including the wonderful Greta Scacchi no less.
Despite biblical flooding and a Sunday booking this party went off very well . When we arrived the water was already 2 ft deep in the car park and when we left there were waves lapping the front steps.
But what a treat to meet such an illustrious star in Greta who posed for a photograph with no objection and was absolutely gorgeous.
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Friday, 23 November 2012

Market research paper - What make us Brits dance ?

After many a beer drinking mission to Benidorm over the last few years, I have come to some rather interesting conclusions regarding the British taste in party music. Benidorm is full of us Brits on the lash and is full of live bands entertaining them. It is a pretty good barometer of public taste regarding parties / having a jolly good time. Let me take you there for enlightenment.

You probably think of Benidorm as the "Costa del Punch Up",  full of hen and stag dos ,and to a certain extent you would be right . But I think its smashing , because everyone is in such a good mood. Its cheap as chips, 1 euro a pint, breakfast for 3 euros and all the punch up merchants are so high on cheap wacky backy, they just want to give you a hug.

Anyway to the question in hand , what makes Brits bop and jump about
Well, firstly, everyone loves Elvis . The Benidorm Elvis tribute working out of the Rock n Roll bar is absolutely brilliant,the whole place rocks when he starts to sing and  wiggle his snake hips. I would totally recommend a bit of Elvis in ones setlist.
Elvis is timeless , his songs are so cool , people cannot resist bopping around to that rock n roll shuffle. (One thing puzzled me though , seemingly rational women would queue up to show him their bosoms , perhaps someone could enlighten me) ?

If you want a country vibe try the Western Saloon on the main strip.There you will find a duo playing everything from Jon Denver to the Killers . Tunes that hit the spot in this particular funnery are Human, Sex on Fire, Five hundred miles, Games people play and Country Roads . These generate a thronging, singing , songing , if you get my drift. Check these Cabeytu brothers , they are very popular in Benidorm  and have their set list finely tuned.


As you work your way down the strip ,you will undoubtedly happen upon the Carnaby St boys in one of the bars and you will note everyone is having a fantastic time. The jam , Small faces , Madness and Specials are all in their set and you will see that not only is everyone dancing , they also know all the words ! So one can surmise we can include a few 'Chicken dancing' mod songs into our wedding set with no fear of disappointment. Hoorah 

So then as we traverse further into the Benidorm heart we come across more and more disco bars playing  tub thumping Trance and Techno , which isn't really fodder for you average wedding band. But anyway I can summarise as follows , British people love
Elvis , Kings of Leon , Killers, Beatles , the Jam an al , John Denver and his Country Roads ,  The Proclaimers , the Monkeys , Chuckles Berry and to round things off a nicely, a bit of Bon Jovi ,by jovi , which you will be relieved to know ,pretty much sums up the Superfuzz setlist , check it out here . We ve got the bases covered and as you can tell is meticulously researched and is updated regularly  Think I might just have to pop off down there to do more investigation , strictly work of course .

Off to Priest House Castle Donnington on Sunday for a wedding .Last time we played there , someone left a tap running upstairs which soaked all our pa, nearly electrocuting the whole band . Think I will wear my rubber wellies just in case.Nice venue though.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lanzarote leaves a rudderless ship " Harumph"

So, I've left Paul the task of dealing with our enquiries for a week whilst I take a well earned break in the land of volcanoes and stray cats .Here's me by the pool-

But what is this on my blackberry on day 2 - an unanswered enquiry from our agent ???
 Blimey oh Reilly ! I text her and ask , "have you heard from Paul , my trusty deputy ? To which she replies "unfortunately not , not heard a thing".  Harumpf , harumpf harumph Ohhh dear , dear , dear !

One can surmise- that some tasks are just too much for some people. You see , we drummers are invariably the cement holding the bricks together,the engine room , the steady hand on the tiller, the glue , the heartbeat ( you get my drift) . The Band may scoff with their drummer jokes and constant jibes , but I know that in most bands the most organised and conscientious person in the band is the drummer , ~like me !
Singers with their enormous egos are obviously too cool to do the donkey work and guitar players just want to salivate over guitar pictures all day. No if you want something doing, or talk to a friendly face at a performance , seek out the drummer.I can be reached here

By the way , if you are thinking about Lanzarote for a holiday , I would say the place resembles a nuclear test site. Imagine a piece of toast that's been left in the grill for an hour .

 And it rained and the only live music on offer was a rather out of tune Brazilian plumber trying to sing Lionel Ritchie , and" hello it wasn't you I was looking for !See below

Thanks to Martin Keyboards  for his years holiday tip by the way!  

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blaze take the stage

Wedding-Matt and Emma
Warrington Cricket Pavillion Cheshire  2012

Working for different agents can be a real headache . They stipulate we use different band names to avoid conflicts of interest . Some weeks we are Superfuzz , sometimes Junction 26 , sometimes The Revivals  , it's all very confusing. Other names include Juke Box,Jeepster and The Fuzz.

On Saturday we were Blaze performing for "Live Music Management" . When introducing Saturdays show I had one of my senior moments  ." Hi Ladies and Gentleman , welcome to the show, we are Superfuzz ,err junction 26 errrr no, its errrr , its errr ,oh yeah Blaze !
Good grief I sounded like a blithering idiot. Everyone looked at me gone out , "they don't even know who they are", everyone must have been thinking.
So this week I'm working on my elocution, "Peter Piper picked a pickled pepper" , for starters and I'm going to write down who we are , who I am and what I am supposed to be doing , ah yes,drumming, that's right.

Anyway they all danced through the night and even had a 'dance off 'at one point with everyone taking it in turns to jump around like leaping salmon , jolly good show!

The video below was shot at this wedding , everyone seems very happy . Again sound couldn't be used as the cameras on board mic picked up too much bass.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumnal wedding frivolities

Too busy to blog , catch up time folks

Gunby Hall near Skegness
Off to Lincolnshire for a wedding.
This grade 11 listed hall was very beautiful and the wedding was immensely enjoyable . Two lovely bridesmaids kept us entertained all night as they sang and bopped in front of the band with the sole intention of putting us off. Trying to sing all the words to the songs and generally larking around kept us on our game. Very funny though.
We were looked after by an event manager called Astrid . In her knee length boots and black dress , there was certainly no messing around . I fully expected a whip to be produced and  " schnell schnell ".

For some reason we were asked to change in the haunted bathroom, see below  "Fancy a quick wash lads before we take the stage ? errr take it thats a no .

Astrid was also  particularly worried about her stone balls being damaged by the van ( methinks said van would have come off worse) and wobbly old ladies falling down the cattle grid.

Close House , Newcastle upon tyne
Sunday 22nd September

Its a long way from Skegness to Newcastle , the roads are very poor and we only just made the wedding on time . This wedding was memorable because of the age group. Blue rinse brigade in full attendance.
A Sunday wedding does not generally add up to a packed dance floor as everyone is up for work the next day , so we did our best and played on stoically.

23 rd September
Gommersall Park Hotel , Leeds ,West Yorkshire
received very kind words after this wedding and we enjoyed it immensely.

Hi Guys
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping make our wedding evening so special.
We both had a great day and the evening was amazing thank's to you guy's.
Everyone we have spoken to has commented about 'the band' and how good you were and how much everyone loved dancing the night away!.
Thanks again
Jon & Holly

One thing of note , when extremely drunk and making a fool of ones self , don't reach out and make a grab at some ladies poor unsuspecting bottom. It can result in a hullabaloo and a punch in the face !

29th September
Bestwood Country Lodge
Strange one this , the first set was greeted by 4 bridesmaids playing ring a ring a roses. However I did learn something after talking to Rob from Nottingham's  Magnet practice studios who just happened to be at the wedding . Nottingham has two up and coming stars .One called James Bugg , check him out below and Natalie Duncan who recently appeared on Jools Holland . Nottingham may finally deliver some successful singers after years of being overlooked..

12 th October 2012
Carla and Phil's wedding
Swancar Farm , Trowell,Nottingham
Despite nearly knocking myself out on a rather low hung hanging basket , we did have a fantastic night.
The main room is absolutely enormous and everyone bopped all night.

Here is a short clip of us playing , the sound was distorted on the camera mic so I ve added a sound clip .

and some good feedback , thanks to Carla and Phil

Carla Eveleigh Just wanted to say a big Thank you to Superfuzz. You are fantastic and helped make our wedding day got everyone dancing straight away and we stayed on the dance floor all night. Thank you Carla and Phil xx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

That olde "throw your girlfriend into the bass speaker game" . you guys !

Cockcliffe house Hotel ,August 26th 2012

Lovely wedding for a bank holiday Sunday! Guests dancing all night, regardless of which song we played .Hoorah ! We highly recommend Cockcliffe Hotel ,just on the outskirts of Nottingham-  its convenient , picturesque and  just the right size.

One piece of advise though ; when enjoying ones self,  please don't lift your girlfriend up and charge around the dance floor as if you've just won the FA cup. It's highly dangerous and on this occasion resulted the poor girls head colliding with our Wharfedale speaker. Ouch !  Paul the guitar player was not amused as his beloved Gibson looked like toast. Luckily both parties were ok to continue , but it was nearly lights out.
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Friday, 10 August 2012

Upper House Stoke on Trent

28th July  Upper House Barleston near Stoke on trent

Ooo , we love this venue , we ve played it a few times now . The room size is good for 80 guests and the setting is really nice. Good acoustics , plenty of space to set up and helpful staff. Our Bride and groom for the day were brilliant and danced all night. Couldn't get the back tables up though , they were glued to their seats , too much pudding. Everyone else bopped and sang ,hats off to you party ravers.

August 4th wedding Retford , Notts

Marquees are always  acoustically poor sound wise , but we did our best. The band learnt Galway Girl for the bride which Archie sang beautiful to raptous applause and a packed dance floor. The original is here by Steve Earl , great song !

Highlight of the night was a bit of ac / dc which seemed to hit the spot and of course Archies superb " Stand by me . " Hey baby" was back in the set with Martin on harmonica and a bit of Sex Bomb by Tom Jones got everyone grooving nicely towards the end.

You can see us setting up here and everyone dancing ,its a bit dark as we were using the djs lights instead of our own to save space. His lights weren't bright enough , wish we had used our own ,which are much brighter and more impressive. You can see more videos of the band at http:/

Friday, 20 July 2012

Daily Mirror- wedding in wellies

Loved this in the Mirror .Sums it all up really 

Nice day for a wet wedding: Bride and groom have to stand on table for photos after torrential downpour

When torrential rain flooded the garden of their wedding hotel, the couple bought his’n’hers wellies
THE bride and groom decided to splash out when they took the plunge...
Sarah Longland, 29, and 34-year-old Mark Camilletti intended to exchange vows outside in front of 100 guests.
But when torrential rain flooded the garden of their wedding hotel, the couple bought his’n’hers wellies.
And with the lawn under 2ft of water, they had to stand on a table for the photos.

Sarah said: “We knew it was going to be wet so we brought a load of wellies and umbrellas and asked the guests to do the same.
"Some of the guests thought there was a lovely lake in the garden when they arrived.”
Support worker Sarah and civil servant Mark, of Bowes Park, North London, had the service indoors at Hotel Felix in Cambridge, before heading outside for photos in the garden.
Hotel manager Shara Ross praised them for “taking it all in their stride”.

Latest weddings and drama

Saturday 14 th July 2012 wedding Conaught Hotel Wolverhampton , Richard and Stacey

Superfuzz were greeted on their first set by a number of little girls colouring on the dancefloor . Now Mick and Keith of the Stones, I can bet my bottom dollar were never greeted by such a sight. But then we're not the Stones and we have become oblivious of late to such distractions. Old, young, rich ,poor ,slightly mad , we care not,we just play our thing and hope people like us. The children vacated the floor eventually and our night finished off with plenty of dancing , thankfully.
ps The bride and groom were truly lovely and we wish them well .
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Wedding Friday 6th at Icomb Village Hall, Icomb,Cheltenham

Very small venue for a wedding , they were crammed in like sardines! This wedding was set in the beautiful Cotswolds and attended by a "happy go lucky bunch" of Americans who bopped all night, drank copious amounts of alcohol and went home with thick heads and tired bodies. Well done yo'all

on the way to Gloucester
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Saturday 7th in Royston Hertfordshire 

If you are going to ask a band to drive 180 miles to a party ,please make sure you have enough guests invited, 8 people in a marque does not constitute a party.  We lost the will to live half way through the second set when the "crowd" reduced to even smaller numbers.
We have nerves of steel however, and battled on belligerently to the end . I can imagine more sensitive bands might have thrown an Elton John type hissy fit well before the final curtain. Never mind, win some lose some. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Want to be famous Brides ?

Hi Brides
 Superfuzz have received this request from a tv company looking for brides to be included in a documentary about the first year of marriage , if you are interested in taking part ,give them a call !

Dear Superfuzz

 I work for a leading independent television production company called Monkey Kingdom, the makers of ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘Meet the Middletons’.  I am getting in touch as we are making a brand new television series for Sky on marriage. This observational documentary series will look at what this institution means in the 21st century by documenting the first year of marriage through the eyes of a number of newlyweds. 

We will capture the experiences and milestones of a variety of couples from across the country. From the wedding day to the first anniversary and everything in between, we will film the successes and challenges that come within the first year.

We have just started our casting process and are currently looking for  couples who are planning a wedding between July and October 2012.  We are looking for people who would not only be willing to share their special day with us, but would also be happy for us to film with them for a couple of days every month over a year long period.

Best wishes,


Monday, 18 June 2012

Superfuzz v England

8th June - 40 th Birthday party for Chistine and Wedding in rainy old Hazelwood.

Off to Rotherham on a Friday for a 40th birthday party  , when England are playing ? There's surely only one winner. But hold on, the good folk of Rotherham like their footy but they also like a good shindig , so although numbers were a little down first set everyone joined in for the second.We had a great time . Our hosts were too kind bringing forth beer and buffet , so we played until the cows came home and the children had collapse through exhaustion. A rousing rendition of happy birthday finished off a happy night.

9th june Wedding Hazelwood near Duffield

My word, the weather was atrocious , the guests were battling with monsoon flooding on a biblical scale. The spirits were however not dimmed as guests danced and bopped all night long . We must have been on the ball as we gave out plenty of business cards and enjoyed kind words.
Highlight of the night was a young slip of a thing jumping on stage and distracting Archibald with her womanly charms during Stand By Me .
For your information - we ve put him on a course of bromide and should make a full recovery.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wedding - 2nd june 2012 ,Blackbrook House,Belper, Derbyshire

Blackbrook House is a beautiful country house situated just outside Belper.The weather was somewhat unkind for this Jubilee weekend wedding. Paul and Martin played an acoustic greeting for the wedding guests as they entered the wedding room,which went very well.

Two half an hour sets were planned for the afternoons entertainment , but events contrived to scupper this. Photography over ran , dinner over ran , speeches over ran , everything over ran , so we eventually started at 8.30pm . What a great time though , everyone danced and enjoyed themselves and our bride even sang Mustang Sally with the band taking lead vocals to everyone's delight!

Sulgrave Manor Jubilee Celebration 4 th June 2012

If you are travelling through Oxfordshire and happen across the tiny village of Sulgrave, don't hesitate pulling up to the Star Inn for a few drinks. Because there you can be assured of the warmest of welcomes. The locals are the friendliest , kind people you could wish to meet.

Setting up in the Manor hall and playing to these gentle country Bumpkins was a real privilege. They bopped all night and treated us absolutely brilliantly. The loyal toast was perhaps not quite as well observed as it might have been, playing second fiddle to the roast beast being served ,but I'm sure her majesty would have understood. 

One interesting fact was bestowed upon us :- did you know the only people allowed to sit down during a loyal toast are naval officers.This was so they didn't hit their heads on the decks above.This dates back to the reign of King Charles II who whilst on board the Royal Charles bumped his royal bonce whilst replying to the toast. Ouch ! 

Anyway three cheers for the Queen , and well done to Clive who was cajoled into playing drums by his daughter and wife and did a thoroughly good job.

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dumbleton Hall - Worcestershire- wedding- 28th April 2012
The wind  did bloweth  and the rain did falleth. It was cold, it was dark and it was dank (if that's a word). However inside, our guests were oblivious to Mother Natures fury and partied all night with indomitable spirit. They danced, sang and made merry from start to finish. The bride chopped the wedding cake in half with a mighty sword to which everyone roared hoorah! Even when the roasted hog was accidentally furnace d to a crisp our intrepid bunch kept laughing and dancing. Jolly good show !
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The Priory Chicksands Shefford wedding 05/05/2012 
A small function greeted Superfuzz for this wedding .We didn't start until 10.45 and didn't finish until 12.30. Long speeches, fireworks, coffee in the drawing room all delayed things, but once it got going there was no stopping them. They begged us to play on to which we hopelessly obliged ( such easy pushovers)!
Anyway the sound at Chicksands was brilliant with its stone walls and curved ceilings , we felt like the Who.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Weddings and wellies

7th April 2012 Tythe Barn Oxfordshire

The bride and groom wore chicken outfits for their first dance and danced the birdie song , but guess what ,it wasn't them, it was someone pretending to be them ,ha ha , laugh , I nearly did , but didn't.
Lovely venue supposedly owned by Jamie Oliver no less . I thought the venue was very picturesque but a little cold. Mind you it was about  - 3 outside.  April weddings are a bit risky weather wise , but if your on a budget, you can save a lot of money. We were treated very well and we take our hats off to the happy couple and wish them well.

14th April 2012 Nottingham Belfry hotel

40th Ruby wedding celebration for Robin and Sue . An enormous room with guests spread out doesn't bode well . Get your room size right peeps and you will have a great do , too big and as Frank once sang ,"there may be trouble ahead, oh and make sure the ale is not £4.50 a pint or everyone will be very glum.
This little shindig passed off reasonably well in the end and we enjoyed playing on home turf.

15th April 2012 Cardon Hall ,Cheshire

The wedding of Scott and Amy was a truly brilliant night. The room size was perfect , the guests were dancing all night even though it was a Sunday and our host Scott was the perfect Gent.
Do you remember the little girl off BGT , well, we had her double come up on stage and sing "The climb by Mylie Cyrus and she was absolutely fantastic . The whole song from start to finish! I think Simon Cowell may have another star on his hands .
Fuuniest moment was when we played oasis and the guys started doing their Liam Gallagher impersonations , funniest thing I've ever seen.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Forever Green Restaurant Mansfield

And off to the Forever Green Restaurant in Mansfield for a the cosy wedding of Russ and Karen. Highlight of the night being the dancing barmaids hob-knobing on the patio to 500 miles. These girls really knew how to shake their snake-hips and their "ram a lam a ding dongs" were truly mesmerising.

Anyway , a nice little venue set in the woods where Robin Hood used to swing from tree to tree, helping the poor and robbing the rich .The venue has lots of glass which gives it a nice airy feel.

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Monday, 19 March 2012

We're on the road to privatisation !

When Christopher Columbus sailed across the world , he was told that at some point he would sail off the edge and into a great dark abyss .On Saturday we had a similar feelin driving to Gresham in Norfolk for the wedding of Neil and the beautiful Kathleen. The odd tractor and a few crows were our only companions as mile, after mile, after mile, after mile ( you get the drift ) went by.
For the record, 165 miles , 3 hours 5 mins and 23 seconds.Good Golly Miss Molly !

Interestingly, the Government has announced today it wants to privatise our road network. Hoorah !!!!!
Briiliant, they can start with the A47 and the A52 east of Nottingham.
Just to let you know David ( We're all in it together ) Cameron, Superfuzz would like a new service station with a costa coffee , a dual carriageway (so that we can negociate tractors and old people driving at 20 miles an hour) and bypass at Grantham. Only cost a paltry three billion spondoolies. Chickenfeed !


Oooh , it's all gone quiet  ,

oh sorry,  its the M1 they want isn't it , with its 2 million already overtaxed car users

Of course.

Stupid me !

Anyway enough baloney. Lovely couple ,great wedding , nice venue ,recommended !

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Near death in Mapperley

Mapperley top in Nottingham is just a big hill , a knoll , a small bump on the map . But put 50 million tons of snow on it and you have a major logistical nightmare. Saturday night for Colins 50th Birthday was a triumph of band commitment and human resolve.That Churchillian spirit , that British never say die , that stiff upper lip .Ok, perhaps going a bit too far but my god we were very lucky to arrive in one piece .

Mapperley top gets steeper as you traverse up it and the trustee band VW was struggling all the way. No grit on the roads and thick ice meant the wheels went round with snail pace progress . I had visions of just falling back down taking 50 cars with me . Thankfully we just crawled to the top and managed to reach Colins party in one piece.

On the way back another hair raising event took place leaving an indelible mark on my psyche. A rather tipsy young thing decided to walk out into the road in front of me on thick ice near the Queens Medical Centre. To avoid killing her we took swift evasive action sliding into the Red Arrows bus shelter. Fortunately the platform saved us from certain death as the van wheels bounced us back into the road. She was oblivious to the carnage that could have ensued and staggered into the path of an oncoming taxi with similar results.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bay Tree Hotel ,Burford, Oxfordshire

Off to Burford for the lovely wedding of Donna and Dave. Playing in a big conservatory is always going to upset the neighbours. The sound reverberates and the volume is amplified as it bounces off the walls. The bay tree staff were on the dog and bone all night trying to quell local unrest. "The police are coming" read one note passed to our guitar player , but what can we do? 
Acoustic drum sets are loud and playing Greenday and the Killers makes things worse. Anyway we did our best, turned down as low as possible and  managed to leave this beautiful part England without being arrested.
Some great backing vocals from Ash by the way , she really knows how to have a good time !

Thanks to Donna and Dave for being great hosts, they bopped all night !
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