Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumnal wedding frivolities

Too busy to blog , catch up time folks

Gunby Hall near Skegness
Off to Lincolnshire for a wedding.
This grade 11 listed hall was very beautiful and the wedding was immensely enjoyable . Two lovely bridesmaids kept us entertained all night as they sang and bopped in front of the band with the sole intention of putting us off. Trying to sing all the words to the songs and generally larking around kept us on our game. Very funny though.
We were looked after by an event manager called Astrid . In her knee length boots and black dress , there was certainly no messing around . I fully expected a whip to be produced and  " schnell schnell ".

For some reason we were asked to change in the haunted bathroom, see below  "Fancy a quick wash lads before we take the stage ? errr take it thats a no .

Astrid was also  particularly worried about her stone balls being damaged by the van ( methinks said van would have come off worse) and wobbly old ladies falling down the cattle grid.

Close House , Newcastle upon tyne
Sunday 22nd September

Its a long way from Skegness to Newcastle , the roads are very poor and we only just made the wedding on time . This wedding was memorable because of the age group. Blue rinse brigade in full attendance.
A Sunday wedding does not generally add up to a packed dance floor as everyone is up for work the next day , so we did our best and played on stoically.

23 rd September
Gommersall Park Hotel , Leeds ,West Yorkshire
received very kind words after this wedding and we enjoyed it immensely.

Hi Guys
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping make our wedding evening so special.
We both had a great day and the evening was amazing thank's to you guy's.
Everyone we have spoken to has commented about 'the band' and how good you were and how much everyone loved dancing the night away!.
Thanks again
Jon & Holly

One thing of note , when extremely drunk and making a fool of ones self , don't reach out and make a grab at some ladies poor unsuspecting bottom. It can result in a hullabaloo and a punch in the face !

29th September
Bestwood Country Lodge
Strange one this , the first set was greeted by 4 bridesmaids playing ring a ring a roses. However I did learn something after talking to Rob from Nottingham's  Magnet practice studios who just happened to be at the wedding . Nottingham has two up and coming stars .One called James Bugg , check him out below and Natalie Duncan who recently appeared on Jools Holland . Nottingham may finally deliver some successful singers after years of being overlooked..

12 th October 2012
Carla and Phil's wedding
Swancar Farm , Trowell,Nottingham
Despite nearly knocking myself out on a rather low hung hanging basket , we did have a fantastic night.
The main room is absolutely enormous and everyone bopped all night.

Here is a short clip of us playing , the sound was distorted on the camera mic so I ve added a sound clip .

and some good feedback , thanks to Carla and Phil

Carla Eveleigh Just wanted to say a big Thank you to Superfuzz. You are fantastic and helped make our wedding day got everyone dancing straight away and we stayed on the dance floor all night. Thank you Carla and Phil xx

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