Monday, 14 April 2014

Great start to the wedding season

Superfuzz has had a very good start to the wedding season , two special gigs spring to mind , Clares College Bar ,Cambridge and Beaumanor Hall in Quorn  Leicestershire.
The college bar is situated in the basement of the college and has a fabulous ceiling . This allows for near perfect acoustic. Just like playing the Cavern in Liverpool. Our hosts , the Schoofs bopped all night and we had a great time . Shame these Superfuzzians never went to Cambridge , they were too busy plunking away on their guitars.To book one of the best Cambridge wedding bands , follow the link

Beaumanor Hall had a super function room and although the guests were scattered over several rooms they were all good enough to come and dance with the band and join in . Our groom even had a go singing  "Sex Bomb" which sent the audience into raptures and the best man got up for a rendition of Mustang Sally . 
We are turning into a bandeokee outfit , but we don't mind folks , it all adds to the evening .
Leicester wedding bands differ in real quality , if you want the best book Superfuzz

A special mention for the sound monitor at Mosborough Hall near Sheffield .It is unfortunately set at "miserable old git level  ". The band spent the whole evening staring at a green light trying not to trip it .
We didn't quite manage it and as the electricity was cut to the room our tweeters blew in our monitors ,.Harumph . The guest were very understanding however but we did have to turn down to near acoustic level.
It is our opinion that these venues do sell the clients short as it makes for a subdued band performance .
However we are willing to take bookings with sound limiters as long as our clients understand the restrictions it puts on us .
To book one of the top Sheffield wedding bands , contact us at

Friday, 24 January 2014

Superfuzz start another year Hoorah !

Superfuzz kick off this new year this weekend with 2 bookings , one at the Quorn Grange Hotel in Leicester the other at Manchester Hilton Hotel for the Great British Greyhound Association . Can't wait to get started

Martin is fresh back from Antigua and Paul is back from Egypt .Ive been working all Christmas and January , its just not cricket . Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing their cherubic faces and playing the drums again . This year is going well already with 20 bookings in place and many of the big Saturdays being enquired about . If you think you might like to book us , please get in touch to avoid disappointment .
You can contact the band at

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Highs and not so highs of 2013

The year has ended with the Superfuzz doing over 50 bookings and we would like to thank everyone who booked us and good luck to all our Brides and Grooms .


1. Top gig of the year was Doncaster Racecourse where we performed to over 1000 punters who bopped and sang along. Big stage , lights , the works , fabulous.
Top Doncaster wedding band - Superfuzz

2. Wedding at Skelmersdale Hall in Lincolnshire where only 26 guests were in attendance but they rocked all night long and we all had a fabulous time.Just goes to show its not the quantity of people its the quality !
Lincoln wedding bands

3. Great wedding in Newcastle which was followed by a trip to the city centre to check out the local night-life. The ladies are just something else !

4. Garden Party in Hertfordshire for the 50th of an infamous nut-case called Stuart. Fabulous fun in the summer heat with the locals joining in with wanton abandonment.

5. George s new pogo ing routine during the Artic Monkeys, Bet you look Good on the dancefloor , how he play and leaps around like a demented salmon is beyond me

6. The groom and best man humping each other at our booking at Rufford Mill , very funny but slightly disturbing !
Nottingham finest wedding band Superfuzz

7.My great drumming and stunning backing vocals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not so highs

1. Management at Dodmoor House in Northamptonshire, who spent the entire night waving sound monitors at us . They had had complaints previously with bands being too loud and had become absolutely paranoid. Strangely this venue has a railway track running through its back yard with Freight Trains passing through.
Northampton wedding bands _ superfuzz
2 Staff at Brockencote Hall at Chadderton Corbett. A certain French manager not allowing the band to play after 12 am and threatening me with the police if we were not off the premises by 1 am . Apparently they were only paid until 12.30 and were our party poopers of the year! Make sure when checking out venues , the staff are easy going and not running the event with military precision.They also failed to mention to the Bride and Groom that there were noise issues and the band were required to sign an agreement to play at reduced volumes .

3.Our accommodation for our army booking at Chepstowe barracks which consisted of a portacabin under the m4 motorway which had no heating or furnishing ,3 steel beds and 3 quilts . Good job the local Premier Inn was free.  

4. Scratching the van in Leeds after our booking at the Hilton arggh. I was so tired my normal fabulous driving skills were in question.
Leeds wedding bands

5.Spalding conservative club , all I can say is shush !

Bizarre booking of the year - has to go to New Years Eve in Bradford where we performed outside on a Patio under a gazebo for 20 teenagers  , Brrrr . Good folk though and great hosts .