Friday, 20 July 2012

Daily Mirror- wedding in wellies

Loved this in the Mirror .Sums it all up really 

Nice day for a wet wedding: Bride and groom have to stand on table for photos after torrential downpour

When torrential rain flooded the garden of their wedding hotel, the couple bought his’n’hers wellies
THE bride and groom decided to splash out when they took the plunge...
Sarah Longland, 29, and 34-year-old Mark Camilletti intended to exchange vows outside in front of 100 guests.
But when torrential rain flooded the garden of their wedding hotel, the couple bought his’n’hers wellies.
And with the lawn under 2ft of water, they had to stand on a table for the photos.

Sarah said: “We knew it was going to be wet so we brought a load of wellies and umbrellas and asked the guests to do the same.
"Some of the guests thought there was a lovely lake in the garden when they arrived.”
Support worker Sarah and civil servant Mark, of Bowes Park, North London, had the service indoors at Hotel Felix in Cambridge, before heading outside for photos in the garden.
Hotel manager Shara Ross praised them for “taking it all in their stride”.

Latest weddings and drama

Saturday 14 th July 2012 wedding Conaught Hotel Wolverhampton , Richard and Stacey

Superfuzz were greeted on their first set by a number of little girls colouring on the dancefloor . Now Mick and Keith of the Stones, I can bet my bottom dollar were never greeted by such a sight. But then we're not the Stones and we have become oblivious of late to such distractions. Old, young, rich ,poor ,slightly mad , we care not,we just play our thing and hope people like us. The children vacated the floor eventually and our night finished off with plenty of dancing , thankfully.
ps The bride and groom were truly lovely and we wish them well .
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Wedding Friday 6th at Icomb Village Hall, Icomb,Cheltenham

Very small venue for a wedding , they were crammed in like sardines! This wedding was set in the beautiful Cotswolds and attended by a "happy go lucky bunch" of Americans who bopped all night, drank copious amounts of alcohol and went home with thick heads and tired bodies. Well done yo'all

on the way to Gloucester
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Saturday 7th in Royston Hertfordshire 

If you are going to ask a band to drive 180 miles to a party ,please make sure you have enough guests invited, 8 people in a marque does not constitute a party.  We lost the will to live half way through the second set when the "crowd" reduced to even smaller numbers.
We have nerves of steel however, and battled on belligerently to the end . I can imagine more sensitive bands might have thrown an Elton John type hissy fit well before the final curtain. Never mind, win some lose some. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Want to be famous Brides ?

Hi Brides
 Superfuzz have received this request from a tv company looking for brides to be included in a documentary about the first year of marriage , if you are interested in taking part ,give them a call !

Dear Superfuzz

 I work for a leading independent television production company called Monkey Kingdom, the makers of ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘Meet the Middletons’.  I am getting in touch as we are making a brand new television series for Sky on marriage. This observational documentary series will look at what this institution means in the 21st century by documenting the first year of marriage through the eyes of a number of newlyweds. 

We will capture the experiences and milestones of a variety of couples from across the country. From the wedding day to the first anniversary and everything in between, we will film the successes and challenges that come within the first year.

We have just started our casting process and are currently looking for  couples who are planning a wedding between July and October 2012.  We are looking for people who would not only be willing to share their special day with us, but would also be happy for us to film with them for a couple of days every month over a year long period.

Best wishes,