Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lanzarote leaves a rudderless ship " Harumph"

So, I've left Paul the task of dealing with our enquiries for a week whilst I take a well earned break in the land of volcanoes and stray cats .Here's me by the pool-

But what is this on my blackberry on day 2 - an unanswered enquiry from our agent ???
 Blimey oh Reilly ! I text her and ask , "have you heard from Paul , my trusty deputy ? To which she replies "unfortunately not , not heard a thing".  Harumpf , harumpf harumph Ohhh dear , dear , dear !

One can surmise- that some tasks are just too much for some people. You see , we drummers are invariably the cement holding the bricks together,the engine room , the steady hand on the tiller, the glue , the heartbeat ( you get my drift) . The Band may scoff with their drummer jokes and constant jibes , but I know that in most bands the most organised and conscientious person in the band is the drummer , ~like me !
Singers with their enormous egos are obviously too cool to do the donkey work and guitar players just want to salivate over guitar pictures all day. No if you want something doing, or talk to a friendly face at a performance , seek out the drummer.I can be reached here

By the way , if you are thinking about Lanzarote for a holiday , I would say the place resembles a nuclear test site. Imagine a piece of toast that's been left in the grill for an hour .

 And it rained and the only live music on offer was a rather out of tune Brazilian plumber trying to sing Lionel Ritchie , and" hello it wasn't you I was looking for !See below

Thanks to Martin Keyboards  for his years holiday tip by the way!  

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