Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dumbleton Hall - Worcestershire- wedding- 28th April 2012
The wind  did bloweth  and the rain did falleth. It was cold, it was dark and it was dank (if that's a word). However inside, our guests were oblivious to Mother Natures fury and partied all night with indomitable spirit. They danced, sang and made merry from start to finish. The bride chopped the wedding cake in half with a mighty sword to which everyone roared hoorah! Even when the roasted hog was accidentally furnace d to a crisp our intrepid bunch kept laughing and dancing. Jolly good show !
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The Priory Chicksands Shefford wedding 05/05/2012 
A small function greeted Superfuzz for this wedding .We didn't start until 10.45 and didn't finish until 12.30. Long speeches, fireworks, coffee in the drawing room all delayed things, but once it got going there was no stopping them. They begged us to play on to which we hopelessly obliged ( such easy pushovers)!
Anyway the sound at Chicksands was brilliant with its stone walls and curved ceilings , we felt like the Who.

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