Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bay Tree Hotel ,Burford, Oxfordshire

Off to Burford for the lovely wedding of Donna and Dave. Playing in a big conservatory is always going to upset the neighbours. The sound reverberates and the volume is amplified as it bounces off the walls. The bay tree staff were on the dog and bone all night trying to quell local unrest. "The police are coming" read one note passed to our guitar player , but what can we do? 
Acoustic drum sets are loud and playing Greenday and the Killers makes things worse. Anyway we did our best, turned down as low as possible and  managed to leave this beautiful part England without being arrested.
Some great backing vocals from Ash by the way , she really knows how to have a good time !

Thanks to Donna and Dave for being great hosts, they bopped all night !
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