Friday, 10 August 2012

Upper House Stoke on Trent

28th July  Upper House Barleston near Stoke on trent

Ooo , we love this venue , we ve played it a few times now . The room size is good for 80 guests and the setting is really nice. Good acoustics , plenty of space to set up and helpful staff. Our Bride and groom for the day were brilliant and danced all night. Couldn't get the back tables up though , they were glued to their seats , too much pudding. Everyone else bopped and sang ,hats off to you party ravers.

August 4th wedding Retford , Notts

Marquees are always  acoustically poor sound wise , but we did our best. The band learnt Galway Girl for the bride which Archie sang beautiful to raptous applause and a packed dance floor. The original is here by Steve Earl , great song !

Highlight of the night was a bit of ac / dc which seemed to hit the spot and of course Archies superb " Stand by me . " Hey baby" was back in the set with Martin on harmonica and a bit of Sex Bomb by Tom Jones got everyone grooving nicely towards the end.

You can see us setting up here and everyone dancing ,its a bit dark as we were using the djs lights instead of our own to save space. His lights weren't bright enough , wish we had used our own ,which are much brighter and more impressive. You can see more videos of the band at http:/

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