Monday, 19 March 2012

We're on the road to privatisation !

When Christopher Columbus sailed across the world , he was told that at some point he would sail off the edge and into a great dark abyss .On Saturday we had a similar feelin driving to Gresham in Norfolk for the wedding of Neil and the beautiful Kathleen. The odd tractor and a few crows were our only companions as mile, after mile, after mile, after mile ( you get the drift ) went by.
For the record, 165 miles , 3 hours 5 mins and 23 seconds.Good Golly Miss Molly !

Interestingly, the Government has announced today it wants to privatise our road network. Hoorah !!!!!
Briiliant, they can start with the A47 and the A52 east of Nottingham.
Just to let you know David ( We're all in it together ) Cameron, Superfuzz would like a new service station with a costa coffee , a dual carriageway (so that we can negociate tractors and old people driving at 20 miles an hour) and bypass at Grantham. Only cost a paltry three billion spondoolies. Chickenfeed !


Oooh , it's all gone quiet  ,

oh sorry,  its the M1 they want isn't it , with its 2 million already overtaxed car users

Of course.

Stupid me !

Anyway enough baloney. Lovely couple ,great wedding , nice venue ,recommended !

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