Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Great feedback for our 3 piece option

Just received this feedback from a client who booked us through Alive Network , our main agents.
Our 3 piece option is called Junction 26 on Alive Network

Questions about Junction 26
Did Junction 26 arrive on time and set up on schedule? Were they well organised?
Your answer:

They arrived on time and were really professional and extremely well organised.
Q2: Were Junction 26 friendly, polite & well presented? Did they present a professional attitude?
Your answer:
They were friendly, polite and extremely well presented.  They were fantastic with all of my guests.

Q3: How happy were you with Junction 26's performance? Did they live up to your expectations? Did your guests enjoy them?
Your answer:
Their performance was outstanding and exceeded my expections.  My guests thoroughly enjoyed them and when my guests were not dancing, they sat and watched and really enjoyed them playing.

Q4: In your opinion, was there any aspect of Junction 26's service that could have been improved?
Your answer:
They couldn't improve on anything.  I had a first class service, by 3 first class performers.

Questions about Alive Network
How did you first hear about Alive Network or Junction 26? Have you seen one of our magazine adverts?
Your answer:
I was using Google to search for a Live Band for my 40th birthday party.  After searching for a couple of weeks, I read Junction 26's reviews and listened to their demos on the Alive Network website.  I was really impressed and enquired about booking them straight away.

Q6: Before finding Alive Network, how easy did you find it to locate bands or artists to consider for your event? Why was it you decided on booking through Alive Network?
Your answer:
I booked with Alive Network because that is who had Junction 26 on their bookings list.

Q7/ Before you made your booking, what were your biggest concerns surrounding booking entertainment or choosing to book with us?
Your answer:
I wanted a professional band that was friendly.  Most importantly, I really enjoyed their demos and they played my kind of music.

Q8: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how strongly do you agree with the following statements?

a) I chose this artist to match my budget:     0
b) Budget was less important than finding the right artist:   10
c) I stretched my budget to book this artist:  10
d) The security of booking through Alive Network was important:  4
e) I was happy with the service provided by my Alive coordinator:  10
Q9: On a scale of 1-10, how happy were you overall with the services offered by Alive Network AND Junction 26?
Your answer:
I was really pleased with the correspondence received from Alive Network and absolutely delighted with Junction 26.
Q10: So that future customers can benefit from your feedback, please provide a short paragraph summary of your general satisfaction with Alive Network and Junction 26. If you don't want your comments used on our web site, please let us know.
Your answer:
Junction 26 are 3 fantastic musicians who not only performed brilliantly, but every one of my guests thought that they were fantastic.  They were extremely polite and professional and I would thoroughly recommend Junction 26 to anyone who wants a great evening.  I will certainly be booking them again for future functions that I hold or arrange.  Many many thanks for making my 40th birthday party so special. 

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