Friday, 14 June 2013

Marquees and downpours

8th June 2010 Ashton House Jeni's 21 st Birthday party .
Wow !The best looking audience ever .  Times the Saturdays by ten and you will have some idea of what I'm talking about . We weren't allowed off stage even after playing for a  gruelling two and a half hours , they just wanted more and more . By the end I felt like I d been ten rounds with Mike Tyson .
Oh,  another chance to insert a picture of the Saturdays , sorry !

This date marked the début of Superfuzz 2 our new trusty van . Our VW was getting too cramped due to George's ever increasing bass equipment . I bought it off a very amiable chap called Mr Asif Sheraz . Which does beg the question ,would you buy a van off someone called As If ? I did ! Anyway it seems to be ok with plenty of cup holders and a reassuring grunt under the bonnet .
We ve been pondering having it emblazoned with our photo's with " Superfuzz wedding band "written on it. However, George is so good looking, female drivers would be constantly overtaking us to look , causing major traffic chaos ( tongue in cheek ) , perhaps better leave it white .

Website link , apparently it helps our google ranking ,

29th May 2013 wedding Joanne Webb
A wedding on a Wednesday , are you crazy ? Does no one work Thursdays anymore ?
Anyway ,it rained so hard on the way to this wedding , we could have done with a speedboat instead of a vw van . We were a tad late due to biblical flooding. Sometimes,unfortunately circumstances conspire against us ; on arrival however our couple had not panicked and were pleased to see us .Its better to a little arrive late than driving dangerously and putting musicians at risk . How would the world of drumming recover if I had been lost to the storm ? ( very easily I here you cry ,thanks ) All went swimmingly though , pardon the pun -We set up in record time and played two blistering sets our guests appreciated ; left to kind words and hearty thanks , another satisfied client ! Bravo

Website link , apparently it helps our google ranking ,

Warning political  rant coming up  :- Google has a lot to answer for . The whole world is obsessed with being at the top of it , It used to be mount Everest or K2 . Cannot the human race find a more productive use of its resources than striving to be top of a virtual directory of everything , and Google doesn't pay any tax !
Time for someone to invent a UK search engine that pays it's way and doesn't spy on us . I think Ill start one and call it Nigel after me . Hoorah . 

25th May The Olde Post office Shrewsbury for Alive Network

What a lovely oldy worldy place Shrewsbury is. A very small room awaited our arrival . The guest were very welcoming and we had a great time and received the following feed back to our agent 

On the night junction 26 were fantastic – they played a great set of rock’n’roll, old favourites and modern tunes which had my guests up and dancing from start to finish."

ps , we are called junction 26 and Easy Street on Alive Network as they require all their bands to have names that do not appear anywhere else on the internet , to avoid conflicts with our own site and other agencies.

18th May 2013
A rather large back garden somewhere in Warwickshire CV32.
I don't know about you but I would struggle to fit a 2 man bell tent in my garden let alone a huge marquee . But marquees seem very trendy at the moment . The weather was kind to these country folk and everything went tickerty boo . The chef looked after us with leftovers and humoured us with his cookery tales . Is it me or are all chef's completely bonkers ?
We will be returning soon to this slightly remote part of Wawickshire due to someone leaving a bag of lyrics there , which dumb ass could that be ? answers on a post card.

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