Monday, 28 January 2013

Northampton Hilton 
26th January 2013
60 th Birthday Party for Christine Off to the Hilton for the first gig of the year , a 60 th Birthday party for the lovely Christine . One of our best ever gigs . Fantastic people ready for a good time ! The fuzz ended up playing for a record breaking 3 hours , the last set being a hearty 90 mins. 
Thanks to Martin for keeping me hanging on a exhausting drum fill for 10 mins whilst he encouraged people to sing Hi Ho Silver Lining , he thought that was hilarious. I've got arms like a chimp today. Great "dance off" as well with some cool moves. Loved the snake hips.

Looking forward to this weeks practice . We are bringing a few different songs into the set . The first one we are working on is a Bruno Mars cover "Locked out of Heaven " . Great tune reminiscent of the Police with its Reggae beat  and shows off Archies high range .

The second being Drive by , by Train , a great little sing along and bang up to date ,

And the last is the old Blues Brothers classic , Everybody Needs Somebody . Just can't go wrong with it , can you ?

All guaranteed to keep your guest on the floor and the party moving.

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ps , some big dates gone now , so look on our calender ( )to check if your date is still free and if it is ,get your skates on!

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