Monday, 25 February 2013

Sunday 17th February
Holdenby Hall Northamptonshire

The very beautiful Annouska and her guests , bopped and partied all night long , disregarding the fact that it was a Sunday and a day of rest . They particularly loved Don't Stop Believing and 500 miles which never seem to disappoint. Highlight of the night was being accompanied on the drum set by a rather lovely lady wanting to be enlightened in the arts of syncopation . I told this lovely creature that if she could rub her tummy whilst patting her head , she was probably half way there. This she did with absolute ease and proceeded to stamp her feet at the same time , a natural drummer if ever I've seen one. I don't normally allow people on my drums for fear of running into the next Cozy Powell but anyone in high heels is absolutely fine.

Saturday 16th February Presswold Hall near Loughborough

Lovely wedding and weren't they lucky with the weather . Springlike conditions put everyone in a very good mood and what a gorgeous setting. It turned out our bride was a professional viola player with the Nottingham philharmonic,which all sounded very impressive. I played in my school orchestra, they  always gave me the one shaker with the peas missing  , do you think they were trying to tell me something , hmm ?? 

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