Saturday, 3 July 2010

Romans and Countrymen

Romans and Countrymen
Wedding Taversham Norwich
Arrived at five for a fabulous wedding party
in this beautiful part of England.
The guests danced the night away and loved every minute.

Towards the end of the night our gathered Scottish brethren played some traditional Scottish songs over the ipod ; now I’ve not danced the Gay Gordon since my country dancing sessions at school, where I always ended up dancing with another boy for some reason? Anyway ,Saturday was no different and I ended up dancing with Martin and his two left feet. Suffice to say I was the male lead and I had him twirling the night away. He seemed to like it , perhaps we should try it at all our gigs?We  then went on to do the highland fling and collapsed on the floor like a pair of tossed cabers.

Thankyou to Susan for treating us to a lovely dinner and a few drinks.
Sex on Fire twice in a night , shouldn’t be allowed! Also thanks for the kind words and testimonial.

Ps I m in big trouble , booked  in for an army gig and I agreed that we would dress up as Roman Gladiators , Martin and Paul were not very impressed as they are serious musicians. Well all I can say is - when in Rome do as the romans , when your not in Rome ,but surrounded by inebriated squaddies - do as the romans!

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