Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Gosforth Hall band

Gosforth Hall Inn, Gosforth,Seascale,Cumbria, 3rd July 2010 Wedding
Brocket Hall Welwyn Garden City 4th July 2010
What a trek , poor old van huffed and puffed it’s way over the Cumbrian mountains all the way the Gosforth near Whitehaven. Arrived very tired , but were met by a jovial barmaid and a cup of tea which made us feel much better. The venue didn’t really suit a live band. Thick carpets and curtains and a small room size made us feel like we were playing in my front room. It’s very difficult to get a good sound under these conditions. Just ask my neighbours.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and good luck to Mr and Mrs.
Guess where our intrepid explorers were playing the following day? - Brocket Hall -Welwyn Garden City only 7 hours away! Sack the tour manager! Even the mighty Quo wouldn’t be able to play after those sorts of distances. We arrived absolutely exhausted. Our little vw did us proud!
But the show must go on and thanks to Iri and his beautiful bride we had a great night and even a lemon fairy turned up to cheer us on. To book Superfuzz up north so to speak go to http://www.superfuzz.co.uk/manchester%20wedding%20band.html

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