Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Its the Muppet Show !!!!! Wroxall Estate wedding 28th May 2011

Clare and Michaels wedding

Its the Muppet show with our very special guest stars - the staff of Wroxall Abbey who told us to set up in the wrong function room ! ArrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThe bride nearly had heart failure when she realised Superfuzz were set up in a space no bigger than my front room. The embarrassment of it all ! The staff duly apologised a thousand times and a rather quick pack down and a re-set ensued.

After half an hour we were ready to go again and our hosts managed to keep their cool ( Me thinks some brides would have bestowed the wrath of Khan upon this happless management ). But hey! mistakes happen and this venue was beautiful and would make for a fantastic setting for any wedding. See www.wroxall.com

Just a word about these lovely people. They danced all night , brought us food and dink and were extremely kind and grateful of our efforts , cheers to you Mr and Mrs and we wish you a long and happy marriage.

You can book Superfuzz for weddings in the Warwickshire area at http://www.superfuzz.co.uk/warwickshire%20wedding%20band.html

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