Monday, 13 June 2011

Elsham Hall Adrian and Jans Wedding

Jan and Adrians wedding Elsham Hall near Brigg, Lincs

Off to Brigg and not a Brass band in site and no,Superfuzz haven't been to Narnia.

These foliage balls made great wigs for the second set and gave everyone a good giggle except for the head waitress ,who confiscated them telling us us in no uncertain terms that they cost upwards of £25 and were not intended to be worn as wigs ,Oh Dear!!

I ended up in a fascinator having swaped my foliage ball with a guest. the fascinator didn't look as good on me though and didn't make me more fascinating strangely.

Anyway lovely venue and nice not to be playing in a Marquee for once.Some very friendly peacocks roam this estate to keep everyone amused. Now I have never been close to one before but these birds have a penchant for pork and stuffing cobs from the Hogroast. As far as I know has never once been mentioned on Birdwatch ( Im going to write to Bill Oddy)!

Also ,our new friend Mr P cock rather oddly also had a bit of a thing for a rather sexy navy blue Ford Fiesta parked on the gravel next to his perch. We couldn't work out if he wanted to hump it or fight it. It really did send him into a fits of rage and he circled it , pecked it , jumped on it and screeched at it for nigh on half an hour. Absolutely worn out he eventually wandered back for some pork scratchings with potato salad.

Jan and Adrian were lovely people and everyone danced all night. Rock n roll was the order of the day. The brides father was paying and he wanted Mr presley and Mr Chuick Berry , so who are we to argue?Finished off with Kings of leon " sex on fire" and everyone trooped off to the waiting bus very happy.

Pack down and back at the hotel for 2 pm,

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