Tuesday, 28 June 2011

U2- Old men and leather pantaloons

Watching Glastonbury on Friday I was in awe of U2, Bonos vocals were as good as ever and the old songs still sound fabulous. But one thing bugged me , why does Bono and the Edge still wear black leather trousers? To my mind they looked absolutely ridiculous. I'm 44 probably around the same age as these two aging Rock Gods but just wouldn't contemplate such a fashion 'faux par'.There comes a time when we have to just accept our limitations, a bit of hair dye is acceptable but not tight leather pantaloons !

Just a word about Coldbore ,sorry Coldplay who headlined Saturday.Who likes this dirge, with there trashy depressing Nirvana-ish grunge? If Chris Martin is a good front man then Im a bony headed Clingon. What? I do look like a Clingon? you cheeky B#'/#rds!

I much preferred Sundays offering from Beyonce ,vocally perfect, beautiful and sexy. She even did a "walk about" QE II style. Adoring fans clambered to be brushed by her magic fingers, oblivious that they were about to be tossed 50 rows back by her surly beefcakes! What a Diva though!
Also enjoyed Aloe Black, Mumfords, BB King, Kool and the gang, Noah and the Whale and the wombles. Hoorah !

And so to this weeks wedding at Risley Hall Derbyshire . The wedding of Mario and Laura.
The band arrived at 7.30 for a 9 pm start. Notable for the large amount of children in attendance.
Weddings with lots of children tend to be finished by 10 pm when they have to climb the stairs to Bedfordshire.The bride and groom were stood in an empty room by 10.30, when really it should have been full of party goers. What a shame!
But it was their day and they obviously wanted a day with their nephews and nieces - fair play.
An odd choice to book a party band I'd have booked Dino Dinosaur.

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