Monday, 8 August 2011

Park Farm House Castle Donnington

Olly and Vicky's Wedding 29th July 2011
Park Farm house ,Castle Donnington

The dreaded sound inhibitors struck again argghhhhhhhhhhhhh.
This venue was absolutely perfect for live music , great stage , great lighting , acoustic to die for , just too good to be true and guess what ?It was !
Above the stage was a sound inhibitor which cut all power when a peak level was reached . This happened 3 times in the first set when Paul played high notes on his guitar.

Completely spoiled the gig . I felt so sorry for the couple. I had to run to the bar in the other room to reset it. After 2 -3 times I was getting pretty stressed.We turned everything down to acoustic level and Paul had to virtually stop playing whilst Martin was singing.
What perplexed me was this - the venue is in the path of East Midlands Airport main runway and next to the race track where they hold Download every year, yet a wedding band using their smallest 500 watt rig playing at accoustic volume is too loud , Hmmmmmmm ?

Good luck to Olly and Vicky who were lovely and we wish them all the very best.

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