Monday, 7 March 2011

Oh the joys of Jan and Feb

the wedding season months away, what does a wedding band do ? We ve been practicing like little Ninja's thats what. We've been adding new songs and I 've been working on this website.

Guitar bands seem to be pretty quiet at the moment though and the charts are full of solo singers and rappers. Where are the party classics from last year? I can't think of any that people will know. Sex on fire was the last massive anthem but since that , what ? I think Kings of Leon have gone off the boil seriously and the Killers have split up for a while. Brandon Flowers new solo stuff was dreadful, Crossfire being the only half decent track. I thought Mumford and Sons Lion man was pretty good but with a swear word in the chorus I don't think that itis going catch on at weddings, especially with the blue rinse brigade . Any ideas for songs, please let me know when you book and we will see if they are do-able. Remember we don't have a brass section or strings so be realistic

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