Monday, 31 October 2011

N dubz party night

Joanne and jamie wedding 29th October 2011
Worsley Park Marriott Hotel Manchester

Lovely joyous wedding for Jamie and Joanne, we all had a ball.
All the shenanigans began subsequently, read em and weep as Meat Loaf once said.-

Firstly, Mr Satnav had a bit of a nightmare sending us to the back end of our travelodge as per postcode which had no entrance meaning another 20 min trek.  Secondly , we had N'bubz staying in the adjoining rooms at the Travelodge who decided to party in the corridor at 3am .
Day were speakin der lingo for wot seemed 2 hours man.
Paul finally snapped and told them in  polite terms to shut the f£"%£$%$ up and peace finally returned .I thought he was very brave and fully expected them to beat him to death.

Thirdly,the Satnav took us back through the peak district ,although lovely scenery we got stuck for an hour at Buxton for roadworks ,arghhhhhhhh. Back home for 1 pm. Phew !

Be warned people , Travelodges have no security and no phones in the rooms so if there is any trouble , you are on your own. Go for Premier Inns and have a good nights sleep !!

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