Friday, 1 April 2011

Army entertainment- Waterbeach Barracks , end of tour shin-dig

Back to lovely Waterbeach for the annual squaddie free for all. Dressed to the nines and looking like the cast of the rocky horror show our guests partied their socks off.
Best game of the night- naked squaddie bowling, never disappoints and always great fun.

In the end, it all passed off peacefully with the CO playing the drums to the eye of the tiger dressed in blonde curly wig and 70 s platform boots.

Interestingly ,when we drove back to our digs our guitar player suggested we park the van on the large empty car park next to the mess hall.

Great idea only that this wasn't a car park and I was woken at 6.30 am by a rather large Seargent Major who bellowed "which orrible little man as parked that bloody great van on my parade ground"
"Sorry officer, don't kill me, Im only a dumb drummer" came the reply

Good of the army to put us up though and sleeping in army barracks for the first time was quite an eye opener.Ive never slept with so many men,the smell in the morning was unforgettable. Ahhh the delights of being in a function band.

Back home for 12 and guess what ? They've booked us again. Help!!!!!!!!!

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