Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Brize Norton Party Band

Just catching up on things . Twelve gigs in August was just amazing. Here are notes from the 11th----- Another gig for our troops, this time at at RAF Brize Norton. We were greeted by some very friendly squadies who showed us to our stage. Given the enormous room size it was obviously time for the "Wharfedales" , the Superfuzz back up speakers .They were recently on tour with Motorhead ! They weigh a tonne and once hooked up have the power make your ears bleed ( if needs be). Anyway our guests were in a great mood, they danced , bopped , hopped and jumped around all night long. Its amazing how drunk you can get on two pints of John Smiths bitter ???? Proceedings were interrupted for a while so that medical administrations could take place- but otherwise , what a hoot !!!!! Thanks chaps and chocs away old beanz

To Book Superfuzz in Oxford and Oxfordshire go to http://www.superfuzz.co.uk/oxford%20wedding%20band.html

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