Friday, 6 August 2010

Dunston Hall wedding band

Wedding Saturday 31st August
Sunningdale Suite Dunston hall,Ipswich rd,Norwich .NR14 8PQ
Gemma and Kevin
Arrived at 3.30 for this Sunday wedding, a long trek to the stage which was on the first floor , up some escalators and then a 200 m walk. Phew , it’s a good job I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger long lost brother!
Anyway, some interesting party games-where by one girl lies on her back on the floor whilst another shoves a bottle of wine down her throat. This had serious repercussions for the said girl who spent the whole night dancing like a demented banshee with big red stains on her front.
The wedding went well though and Gemma and Kevin treated us very well and we had the privilege of  performing  the first dance-Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol with Simon, Gemmas brother who did a splendid job.

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